Snakebite Orks

Cyboar!  The range of cyboar models available is not that great, so I decided to make my own.  I started with a plastic boar.  After removing the rear legs, I replaced them with metal legs cut off of a "Deadlands" robot model.  This also allowed me to put the boar in a rearing pose!  I took the  spiky wheel hubs from an ork Wartrak and added them  to  the foreshoulders by drilling a hole and plugging it on.  The front jaw was embellished with a metal jaw piece from the new 40K ork plastic.  The tail, a notoriously fragile piece on the boar model, was replaced with a trailer hitch  from the old ork Battlewagon kit. 

The rider is made mostly from the new fantasy orc plastic.  I had to move the cleaver blade from a right hand to his left, but the spear arm is stock.  The head is from a 40K plastic ork, the upper body from a fantasy orc, and the legs from the original metal boar rider model. 

I actually made this dismounted version of the above Nob first- I liked him so much, I decided to make the mounted version to match!  The only real difference is the legs- the dismounted model uses regular fantasy orc plastic legs, where the rider above uses the original metal boar rider legs.  The skull trophies hanging from this model's waist are taken from the fantasy orc metal banner pole.  I had to reproduce the trophies out of bits for the riding model above!
This is the one Cyboar model that I really like.  Unfortunately, it is very hard to get- I think I got mine from UK mail order.  This is a stock model, except for the left arm which is straight off the 40K Ork plastic sprue.  The boar is painted dark brown with a tan drybrush.  The metal parts were painted steel, then drybrushed with copper (for the tanks) or Brass (for the mufflers), and given a dark brown wash for shading and grunge.  I made a dismounted version of this rider too.  I use Cyboars (vs. regular boars) to help distinguish my Nob riders from regular Ork riders.
This is one of the original metal ork Runtherd models (now known as slaverz).  There aren't any runtherder models with both a megaphone and a grabba stick, so I made my own!  I started with a metal model equipped with a megaphone, and scratch built a grabba stick out of epic ork titan bits, parts from a power axe, plastic axe handles, and anything else I could find.  This model is typical of my Snakebite ork paint scheme- lots of browns and tans, blue, and yellow details (dots, stripes, checks, etc).
These Ork Boyz were once a metal boss mini (!) and a plastic Space Crusade Ork!

A Black Reach ork converted with a shotgun, and the new plastic Runtherd model.

These classic boar riders have been upgraded with modern plastic ork parts.

These Boar riders are older, smaller models, so they could pass for either Yoofs or Boyz.

These Yoofs are a mix of classic plastic orks and plastic Gorka Morka orks (the last one has a boar rider upper torso).

More Yoofs, from Gorka Morka and classic plastic, except the third one which is classic metal.

Cave squigs are one of the many dangers that Runtherds can herd in our Gorka Morka game...

...the other being Grots of course, such as these classic metal (and plastic) models.

Be sure to check out the FERAL ORKS in the Mordheim section for more appropriate Snakebite minis!
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