Savage Orcs
I ended up with a bunch of free savage orc miniatures (part of a bulk deal), so I found a use for them as one more warband for Mordheim (plus they can fill out the ranks of my Snakebite clan in 40K).  This is a stock model showing how even a simple color scheme (Olive green base, dark green wash, yellow drybrush) can make for a detailed model.  The bone horn was painted white and washed with browns.
I wanted some archers for the warband (still on the cheap mind you), so I used natural colors to paint up a couple plastic orc archers I had kicking around.  Browns and greens define my Savage orcs, with highlights of bone for contrast.    Even with tough, hard hitting fighters like Orcs, it never hurts to have some ranged weapons in the city of the Damned...
This savage orc has been armed with weapons from the plastic orc regiment sprue- a spear and a huge knife.  A minor conversion that still has some personality to it.
Because we have rules for Standards in Mordheim, I whipped up this conversion.  The standard is made from a 40K ork boss back banner, atop a feral orc standard pole (including severed Lizardman head).  The shield is from the plastic orc regiment.  The body, however, is actually one of the old Snakebite ork metal bodies, perfect for savage orcs.
The new savage orc shaman model.  This model was originally supposed to ride a boar, but by repositioning his right foot, I got him into a (hopefully) convincing "dancing" pose...  Converting mounted minis to foot models is not always this easy mind you.
Another Snakebite ork metal model, armed with weapons and arms from the plastic orc regiment sprue. I'm particularly happy with the way the metal sword and shield came out- I painted them black, drybrushed them steel, then used a light brown wash (lighter than my usual rust).  The white bone (also washed with light brown) forms a nice contrast with the darker metal color.

I always loved this River Troll model, and an orc band was my best excuse to paint one up (since, outside of Mordheim,  I normally play in the 40K setting).  I wanted to make the Troll stand out from the orcs and look a lot tougher and older, so I went with a darker skin color.  I mixed up a  dark blue- green base color, then drybrushed with olive green and yellow (for the skin) and grey and white (for the scales).  I'm very happy with the result!  The dark skin forms a nice contrast to the  bone details and his  eyes (large enough to easily highlight --red with a yellow dot).

Below is an old Squig model, who acts as the mascot of this satisfyingly primitive warband.  With savage orcs, Amazons, and Lizardmen in our campaign, we could run entire scenarios set in Lustria it seems...

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