Mordheim was the best excuse I could come up with for painting up some attractive, well armed women. At the time, GW's Mordheim Amazon models weren't available to the general public, so I ordered some of the Fanatic Blood Bowl amazon models and armed them.  This one has a club from a plastic Lizardman model.
Although harder to paint, I wanted each Amazon dressed in unique wild animal furs. This one has a leopard spot pattern done with light brown, reddish brown, black, and white.  I also went for a darker skin tone than usual, mixing some brown into my tan and then drybrushing tan for highlights.  Although my paints are flat enamels, they can take on a soft sheen when buffed, perfect for toned skin.
My Amazon Shaman is a very simple conversion- a Wood Elf sorceress with a Feral Ork Shaman mask stuck onto her back.  I went for a lighter skin and hair  this time, to show that she is less of a combatant.  I used the Leopard skin pattern again (one of my favorites).  .The stone spear was painted black and carefully "wet- brushed" with green for that Wyrdstone look.
The back of the Shaman.  I had to carve away some of the Ork head to get the mask to sit flat on her back.  The draped sleeves were a pain to paint (especially the straps),  but worth it in the end.  To make my Amazon's feathers stand out from the natural fur and skin colors, I use a dark red or (in this case) dark green color, drybrushed with tan or white for a dry look.
Since I can only go so far with the Blood Bowl Amazons, I picked up some nice models from other lines to supplement my forces. I believe this one's a Ral Partha character, nice and big (unusual for non-GW models) and well posed, totally stock.  I went for a Zebra stripe pattern- a real pain to paint over fur texture, lemme tell you!  I love the way her hair came out though.
You can see the shield and sword scabbard better in this back view.  I used a light brown wash to shade the fur edges, but otherwise this model is pretty bold.  The contrast works nicely against the plain, smooth skin though.
This is a miniature from  Confrontation (Keltois).   Amazons were my excuse to buy  these amazing models. In addition to brass and turquoise armor,  I went for tiger stripes this time (still reminds me of the anime character "Lum", but what can you do).
Another Blood Bowl amazon, this time converted to hold a bow.  I used a Giraffe skin pattern this time, which looks great once you get it right (the white lines have to be clean, straight, and small!).  I really like the way this came out, and might have to do another model with Giraffe pattern some day...
This radical miniature is from the RAFM line, I believe.  I re-armed her with some sizeable weapons- a bone club from a plastic zombie, and a wicked spear from the new plastic dark elves.  Her armor is a strange mix of bone, metal and leather, so I didn't try any animal skins.
I wanted some Braves to go with my more mature Amazons, and grabbed models wherever I could find 'em.  This ex-Escher Juve has gone primitive, trading a pistol for a bow.  The smooth clothes made Zebra striping much easier this time. 
Off-brand miniatures like this one  tend to be small- perfect for Braves.  The shield and bow are from the Mordheim accessories sprue.  I went for Leopard skin again after struggling with those Zebra stripes...
This Brave is not as dynamic, but still serviceable.  Her sword is so small as to be fragile, but at least it looks more in scale than if I had replaced it with a GW one.
Anyone in our Mordheim campaign can buy a little help (very little), and the Amazons are no exception.  this pygmy was made out of a plastic Snotling and a metal feral ork standard top.
I wanted a wild beast to accompany my Amazons, and after much searching, I settled on a cheap plastic toy- it only cost me 70 cents!  BTW, if you put oil based paints onto rubber toys, they don't dry properly.  So instead of priming this model, I settled for a dark brown wash right over the original model colors, and some tan and white drybrushing. 

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