WAAAGH!  ORKS  part 3

WAAGH!  This converted Blood Axe warboss is a major conversion.  Starting with an old Stormboyz boss torso, I replaced the stubby legs with more substantial plastic Chaos Warrior legs to give him more height.  The right arm and shoota are right off the new Ork sprue, and the left arm- er, claw, should look familiar to Yarrick fans- it's taken right off the original Yarrick model.    In the inset, you can see his axe (made from a plastic axe head and a pen spring).  Also visible is the back plate, made from an old Dwarf shield.
What warboss is without a trusty grot helper?  This poor fellow must carry a hefty supply of stikkbomz everywhere for the boss.  I started with a loaded down grot model, added to the bosses' side, with even more metal stikkbomz added on top (taken from the Gorka Morka metal weapon accessories sprue).
This Blood Axe nob started as one of the old metal models.  Just by adding the new plastic arms and some accessories, you can really bulk out those old models.  I added a crosshair to his shoota (seemed like something a Blood Axe would do), plus a military style pack on his back, stolen from a plastic Warzone model.
 The other side of the same model.  Note the stikkbom launcha attached to the pack, stolen from a mega- armored ork (see below).   You can also barely see the brass knuckes and other accessories that were on the back of the original metal model.
This is an all-plastic Goff nob conversion.  Since I still use the old plastic orks (which are much smaller than the new ones), I just modify the new ones a bit and use them as Nobs.  This guy's torso has been extended by splicing in the belly plate from a Gorka Morka ork.  The axe has grooves cut into it.  The shoota is an old ork Bolter, with a shoulder strap made from thin plastic.  The back plate (inset) is a fantasy ork shield glyph, with horns added.
This Nob is a mix of plastic parts- mostly the new plastic orks.  The spiked mace is from a plastic fantasy orc, as is the sword on his back.  The stikkbom on his back is from Gorka Morka.  The legs are from a plastic chaos marine to give the model more height.
I prefer the old Stormboyz jump packs (twin engine, lots of detail) to the new ones (looks like a bomb).  I added spikes to the engines (from the fantasy orc regiment sprue).  Two orky pistols seemed like an appropriate armament for an assault ork, easy to do with the new plastic arms.
The only part of the model that isn't plastic is his gut, made from the jaw piece of a Mega-Armor ork- this was done to extend the model's torso, again to make plastic ork parts look more like a big scary Nob.  You can clearly see the spikes on the jump pack- these simple additions really make the model!

Ah, Mega Armor.  At first I was skeptical of these large, lumpy beasts (which led me to make some alterations of course), but now that they are painted, I'm quite happy with them!  Here you can  see a snotling rigger poised on the right arm, ready to add that extra little jab in melee.  You can also see the additional gear covers on the legs (taken from plastic bike hubs).  The blades on the back are simply claws from the arm.  In addition to the flames and red paint, I tried out the "chipped paint" technique described in WD #247.
This Evil Sunz boss has numerous upgrades, like tread feet, extra engines, blade attachments, and so forth.  Here you can clearly see the "tread" feet for extra speed (this is an Evil Sunz boss, after all).  I also added extra pipes to the back, one of which is taken from a Deadlands robot.  The left arm's claw has been replaced with an evicerator from a  Redemtionist model! 
The original head has been replaced with one from a burna boy, selected for his goggles.   The chest plate has been adorned with a grinning sun taken from a fantasy orc shield.    The "chipped paint" effect works well on the bottom of the jaw piece.
The Bad Moons are certainly rich enough to buy Mega Armor.  This piece is less heavily converted- just a few spikes on the back, taken from a chaos terminator.  For some reason, the chipped paint effect looks even better on yellow than it does on red.  FYI, the technique is simple: paint grey over the base color, then paint steel on the grey, allowing just a bit of grey edge to show.   I stuck with a mostly yellow color scheme, with black details, and gave the whole thing a light brown wash in all the edges.
A back view.  You can clearly see the added spikes.  The extra cables, pistons, rivets, and bolts on the stock model are really nice, and are worth spending a bit more time on them to make them stand out.  Then the chipped paint effect can be used on broad, plain areas of the armor to make the whole model look super detailed!
The stock left arm is quite nice.  I'm glad I converted the Evil Sunz one just for variety, but the stock arm is very orky.  Like the Evil Sunz model, I added a shield boss to the chest (see inset) from a goblin shield to clearly mark the model as a Bad Moon.  

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