WAAAGH!  ORKS  part 1

Although the new plastic ork models by Brian Nelson are quite nice, I still have an affinity for the classic ork models.  This is one of the old metal Bad Moon boss models, and it's still nice even by today's standards.  I painted it yellow, black and white, and gave the yellow details a brown wash to make them stand out.  Notice the pet squig added to the base...
Another classic Boss model, this time a Blood Axe.  I use a dark green for the uniform (to stand out from the ork's olive green skin), and found that red makes a great trim color for dark green.  The armor is painted black with steel details.  Just a clean, straightforward paint job, but the model is very strong loking.  Again, I added a pet squig to the base.
An old metal Freebooter Kaptin model.  I mixed a custom purple color, trimmed with yellow for contrast.  It sounded odd at first, but I found that purple actually looks good on orks- in my opinion anyway.  I call it the "Incredible Hulk phenomenon".
To make the power claw stand out, I painted white "bony finger" lines along the fingers for emphasis.  The skull and crossbones decal on the back actually came from a Macross model, but equivelant decals can be found on the old Epic Imperial Guard decal sheets.
Just to show what a wide range of models can be used for conversions, this ork is actually a plastic Goliath ganger with a Gorka Morka ork head in place of the original one.  The gun was also replaced by an orky shoota.  The skull shoulder pad is from the metal line of Chaos marine pads, and fit nicely on the model.
This is an old Death Skulls nob model with a plastic power claw (from the original plastic orks set)  added.  I  like to use Freebooterz and Death Skulls orks interchangeably, and so have painted them with the same color scheme of purple with yellow trim.  The bony bits were painted white and washed with light brown.
This is one of the new Gorka morka metal models, converted into a Death Skullz looter.  I added an ork skull to his head and a shield to his side ( both from the plastic fantasy orc set), a shoota arm and ammo belt from the new 40K plastic orks, and some additional gear from the marine sprue.  The skull shoulder pad is from the plastic Khorne Berzerker set. 
 A back view of the looter.  More gear added on here (this looter has been busy!) including a metal skull glyph plate on the left shoulder, stikkbomz from a plastic Warzone backpack, and a chainsword from a mutie raider.  The rope grapple is actually on the original model- I had to be careful not to cover it up!
This Goff Nob started out as a plastic Black Ork from 2nd? edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  I replaced his left arm with another one of those old plastic power claws (love those things) and painted lots of checks on his back, but otherwise this is a stock model.  Be sure to look out for other models to use as orks- you can get a good variety of poses if you do.
 Here's another great example of simple conversion.  I started with a plastic model from the Mutant Chronicles board game, and simply carved out the original head and added a head from the 40K 2nd edition plastic orks.  The end of the original gun has been replaced with the end off a plastic ork shoota- but that's it, simple conversion and a nice pose to boot.  Any model that is bulky enough can work as an ork, usually a head swap is all that is required.
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