Bad Moon Orks

This old Bad Moon Boss mini will always be a favorite of mine.  With the upscaling of Orks, however, he's been relegated to a (rather snazzy) Nob model.  But with enough Teef, even a Nob can buy a kustom shoota, Power Fist, and feisty Pet Squig.
Bad Moons are certainly rich enough to buy Mega Armor.  This piece is lightly converted- just a few spikes on the back, taken from a chaos terminator.  The chipped paint effect looks great on yellow.  For Chipped FX, paint grey over the base color, then paint steel on the grey, allowing just a bit of grey edge to show.   I stuck with a mostly yellow color scheme, with black details, and gave the whole thing a light brown wash in all the edges.
A back view.  You can clearly see the added spikes.  The extra cables, pistons, rivets, and bolts on the stock model are really nice, and are worth spending a bit more time on them to make them stand out.  Then the chipped paint effect can be used on broad, plain areas of the armor to make the whole model look super detailed!
The stock left arm is quite nice.  I'm glad I converted the Evil Sunz one just for variety, but the stock arm is very orky.  Like the Evil Sunz model, I added a shield boss to the chest (see inset) from a goblin shield to clearly mark the model as a Bad Moon. 
My favorite weirdboy model, painted in Bad Moon colors here, is actually an old Blood Axe model.  This guy is just wacky, with his baggy coat, pompous hat, and little bells everywhere.  I painted the basic coat blue with light blue drybrushing, and yellow trim with a brown wash (typical of my Bad Moon color schemes, since they are the clan best known for having Weirdboyz).
One of the new plastic Nob models, well armed with a Kombi-Gun, and an old metal 'Ard Nob conversion.

A Loota, with garish extra gear replaced by a trusty knife, and an ork with 'Eavy Shoota.

Ork Boyz.  The third one has a Storma pack to help reach high places.

More Ork Boyz.  The first two are converted Space Crusade orks!

Metal gretchin, classic metal Runtbot, and yet more 2nd Ed. Gretchin.

This Trakk has ben customized, as has the driver.  All our vehicles have swappable weapons, such as this Burna.

This converted Deffcopta has suitably flashy jet engines and additional weapons added.

This Trukk is a  toy Humvee that has been extensively converted.

A classic Battlewagon, heavily converted to be a closed vehicle with Kannon.

The largest Bad Moons vehicle is so big, it needs its own page.  Check it out here!

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