This scratch built minelayer made for a big finish to our last Gorka Morka campaign!

Hidden inside the mouth of the minelayer is a hefty Killcannon- a nasty surprise to anyone in the Minelayer's path.

In addition to the Meks and Grots inside that keep the Minelayer running, a number of Orks can go up top to get a view of the battlefield.
Click Here to see a shot of the reverse side.

The crane arm is not just handy for handling mines- it can also be used to collect skrap, maintain Gargants, and even be used as an improvisational melee weapon!

In addition to the ferocious main rocket, numerous smaller  thrusters allow the minelayer to maneuver carefully around its deadly offspring.

To see how the Minelaya was made, CLICK HERE!
To purchase your own Minelaya, check out the Ork For Sale page.

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