For our latest campaign, I wanted some low level enemies that would seem like natural inhabitants for my Industrial terrain (unlike Orks, Chaos, Eldar, etc).  Mutants were just the thing- and best of all, it gave me an excuse to use up all those oddball minis and bits I'd accumulated and couldn't figure out what else to do with!  Under each pic is a brief of the parts used.  After perusing the gallery here, be sure to check out the other, nastier members of the mutant family with the links below...
Chaos warrior- replaced axe head with muzzle and stock from Kroot rifle. Archive chaos warrior of Nurgle Archive chaos warrior of Nurgle Mutie raider upper torso, legs from the Heroquest Gargoyle.
New Plastic Lizardman body, Kroot arms and rifle, plastic head from  mutation sprue. Stock Necromunda Scavvy mutant.  Click here for another one... Mutie Raider upper torso, legs from some non-GW creature. Old archive techpriest with plasma pistol added to staff.
Archive chaos warrior of Nurgle (I added the ammo drum). Heroquest plastic Fimir with arm and gun from plastic Goliath ganger. Ork torso / gun, Lizardman head, archive chaos legs, plastic  tentacle. Old plastic lizardman with chaos warrior head,  ganger autopistol.

Heroquest spider head, Genestealer arm, Ork bolter and body, Goliath legs. Mutant Chronicles legionaire, extra arm from WH Quest Minotaur. Archive metal chaos warrior. Archive chaos warrior of Tzeentch with plastic ork bolter.
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