I had been eyeing the Mutie Raider models for a while, so when Gorka Morka minis went on sale a few years ago, I had to pick up a bunch of them.  Fast attack mutants- you gotta love it, especially when you see a whole wall of these guys coming up over the ridge...  I'm only about halfway through all the parts I've earmarked for raiders, but you get the idea!  (For more mutant fun, check out the links below).
Stock Mutie Raider except the mount's tail, from an old chaos hound model if memory serves... Stock Mutie raider.  The raider models are incredibly detailed and stylish- but with only 2 steed head types, you have to improvise to keep that mutant look...
Steed's tail and head from Fantasy eagle model. Head from an old Slaanesh beast.  Tail from a chaos spawn.  Kroot rider.
Steed uses a horse body.  Rider uses Kroot torso and arms, and mutations sprue head. Rider upper body is a Mordheim posessed beastman.  Steed head is from another minis line.  Tail from a chaos spawn?  Meat from Kroot accesories.
Steed head from a metal Boar model. Rider is an old plastic lizardman, mutation sprue arm, gun from Doomrider.
Mount heads - Ghidorah toy (Godzilla).  Tail from a plastic manticore (another game).
Steed's muzzle from a plastic horse.  Crest from the Dark Eldar plastic accessories.

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