This is my second attempt at converting the GW metal Dreadnought (first being the Space Wolf Dread).  My primary goal again was to bulk up the legs to better match the slab of upper body, for a more balanced and practical looking monstrosity.  I think I got it right this time.  The biggest factor was replacing the feet- I took diecast metal  feet from a Matchbox "Robotech" toy (Destroid for you Macross fans), cut them flat on top, and pinned them on.  This combined with a torso-jack (I inserted a plastic model Tank wheel between the upper and lower body) yielded startlingly effective reults.
Although it is not allowed normally in any rules I know of, I wanted to make a uniquely armed dreadnought for the Iron Hands, so I came up with twin power fists, each with a heavy bolter attached!  Sounds appalling (right, Marneus?) but I got it to look pretty clean (see pic below).  Starting with the standard power fist arm, I sawed off the storm bolter with a razor saw.  Next, I took the metal Heavy Bolter from the Attack Bike, removed the stand, and filed the scope mount line on top down to nestle nicely into the power fist.  I then cut a notch into the hand part of the glove to make room for the front sight of the Heavy Bolter (see the front view to the right).  Finally,  I added tiny skulls to the front of the fists for a more finished look.  The upper arm has also been detailed with lifting rings and rivet plates.
For the right arm, I used the same method on a power fist from the Furioso dreadnought, sawing off the meltagun with a razor saw.  This time, however, I had to move the ammo box to the opposite side of the heavy bolter.
I had to saw horizontally to get the feed away fromthe mag, then  vertically to remove the mag, then bent the feed around to the other side and attached the mag there (after filing a flat spot for it).  Whew!   The lifting rings are visible on the back of the arms (see center pic) and give the model a heavy look. 
Other enhancements to the legs include spikey knees (from the new plastic fantasy Orcs) and cover plates on the "hips" to bulk them out.  These plates came from a Jagt Tiger model tank kit, the source for most of the additional details on this conversion.  The new feet also have some enhancements- tiny square plates and rivets I added on to get the detail level on par with the rest of the model!
The original detail on the top of the body and shoulders was lost during cleanup, so I added my own. Dispensing with launchers, I put a spikey ork Shoulder plate on top as an Iron Halo. The lifting ring plates are made of braces from the Basilisk tank kit.  Additional backed rivets were shaved off of Necromunda Bulkheads!  The original Dark Angels icon was ground off and replaced with an icon from Inquisitor Eisenhorn!  The hand is a modified plastic marine hand. Tank parts embellish the shoulder tops.
In the rear view (center) you can see the added torso disc, detailed with tank parts.  Fine jewelry chain hangs from the lifting rings on top for a heavy look.  In fact, the extra rivets, cables and spikes all help to match the aesthetic established for my Iron Hands marines.  To further bulk out the back of the legs, numerous additional cables were added, made from tiny spring cable (from novelty bracelets of all things).  I also added extra pistons above the back of the feet to better match them to the legs- these were taken from the German  tank kit, of course!
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