Although  this is just an old metal Terminator captain, I added the Storm Bolter arm from a Space Wolf terminator.  The Captain model paints up extremely well in Space Wolf colors- in fact, it was a Space Wolf version of this captain in an old White Dwarf Golden Demon article that inspired me to use the color scheme I did for all my Space Wolves!
A stock  metal Space Wolf terminator, with Chain Fist.  The color scheme is almost exactly the same as the regular marines, including the sky blue eyes.  The decals go on the right shoulder instead, of course, but I also included a yellow knee pad on this Terminator for additional depth.
Aaah, Lightning Claws, the perfect weapon for Space Wolves!  Using a stock metal Space Wolf body and new style arms, this model came out really well- lucky on the pose, I guess- and the details painted up nicely (whew!).  I actually have two of these models, but this one just came out better.
Heavy flamer anyone?  It still cracks me up that devastators can't take Heavy Flamers but Terminators can.  I guess you really need that "ignore move penalty for heavy weapons" to make good use of template weapons like flamers...
The stock Metal Space Wolf terminator Sergeant.  When painting wolf pelts, I start with a dark brown wash on the large areas, then a light brown wash on small areas like the face, paws, edges and underbelly, and finally drybrush the whole thing with white.  Even though I don't base coat at all, it seems to work quite well, especially since I prime in grey (not white or black).
I converted a whole squadron of bikes using the new plastic Space Wolf accessory sprue.    Here's the sergeant, using a special Head, Body, Pack, Shoulder Pad, and backpack complete with wolf pelt.  I also added wolf tails attached to the handlebars.   I made slim,  custom bases for the bikes out of plasticard, and mounted  the bikes at slight angles to look more dynamic.  The Sergeant is leaning slightly to the right- probably to turn into some unsuspecting foot soldier with an aim to bisect them with chainsword...
The toughest part of the conversion was the character backpack with wolf pelt.  I had to bend the wolf pelt up to sit on the back of the bike- I cut a slot in it with a razor saw and carefully bent it until it was level, then glued it in place with solvent cement since it softens plastic nicely and makes a good bond.  The resultant "flapping in the breeze" look is just what I wanted!  I also positioned the wolf tails on the handlebars so they look like they are flapping in the wind. 
A similar treatement on the attack bike.  The driver is equipped with a head, torso, and sword arm from the Space Wolf sprue.  The gunner is stock, though I cut the totems from a plastic torso and added them to his leg.  The bike also sports a wolf skull icon on the back, wolf tail on the gun, a knife on the back of the gunner's seat,  and a pouch from the Mordheim sprue on the side car.
One of the more unusual conversions is this Space Wolf dreadnought.  I never liked the short, stumpy look of the otherwise awesome new dreadnoughts.  So I went about "fixing" that by adding extra pieces at the ankles (taken from a printer drive feed mechanism) and to the waist (a metal bearing unit).  The result- a giant of a dreadnought!   Only a Space Wolf would aspire to be so massive-  this beast stands well above any normal model!
The back of the dreadnought.  I added a wolf pelt from the Mordheim "Middenheimer" sprue to add to the "wolfiness" of the model, and to help blend the upper and lower body after adding over a quarter inch of height to the waist.  I particularly like the fact that the "jacked up" waist allows you to see the nice detail on the back of the legs, normally obscured by the gargantuan upper body.   Also, the smoke launchers on top are actually from the new Land Raider kit- I thought they looked more reasonably sized than the metal ones supplied with the dreadnought.  Of course, I plan to use the metal dreadnought launchers on my Land Raider!  Simple swaps like this can improve your models without any parts going to waste...
I love the concept of the companion wolves for the Space Wolf army, and set about converting some plastic  wolves from the Battle Masters goblin wolf riders. I cut down the saddle with nippy cutters and puttied in the gap, texturing it with a toothpick.  Once painted, you can hardly see the conversion!


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