Check out the Tzeentch Doomwing Vehicle while you're here!  This bizarre flyer was pieced together using toys from the various Spawn and Star Wars lines (plus a pair of wings from a hawkman action figure).  Baroque yet overpowered, and clearly not answerable to the laws of physics...
Also, be sure to check out the Tzeentch Greater Demon (another converted toy). 
I paint my Tzeentch models in the blue and yellow colors typical of post-heresy Thousand Sons. Black and white are used for contrast colors.  This model started as a Fantasy Tzeentch champion. Add Bolter and backpack, and Presto, instant Sorcerer Marine!
In our house rules,  Globes of Change are grenades, it made sense for Tzeentch to have a spirit warrior equipped  with a Grenade Launcher!  This is the classic metal spirit warrior model , with a portion of his bolter carefully carved away and replaced with a grenade launcher from an Arbites model.  I carried the blue and yellow banding theme on the grenade tubes of the launcher.  I also used more black and a darker blue for a more sinister look.  Only the ribbed areas are painted yellow, with a red wash for contrast.
The new Thousand Sons box set is a must buy- in addition to nifty metal parts you can use on other models (like terminators!), you also get this great Sorceror model.  For contrast, I painted his robes a dark red.  His force sword is black with steel drybrushed edges.  I'm getting better at doing nice brass trim- I base coat in brass, wash with dark brown, and do a very light drybrush with steel.   This look is particularly effective on face masks like this guy's helm and backpack.
To bulk out the ranks, cultists have been added to all my chaos forces including Tzeentch.  Of course, psychic cultists don't hurt... The model on the right  is a light wizard from the Warhammer fantasy range.  The model on the left is a converted plastic figure from another  game.
Another nice sorceror model- Brian Nelson did a good job of emulating Jes Goodwin's style on these sorcerors.  I replaced the original force axe with a rather sinister looking sword from another model line.  I continued the brass face mask theme, and painted his robes green for contrast.  The backpack uses bits from a noise marine pack, trying to continue the ornate theme seen on other sorcerors.
This model is not particularly Tzeentch--I use it to represent a Dark Apostle.  This extensive conversion is based on Fabius Bile's body.  The head is a metal accessory head from the plastic Chaos Warriors regiment.  The right arm claw is from a 1999 mini, with a plastic skull added to it's clutches.  The left arm is a standard plastic chaos marine arm, with a plasma pistol stolen from Kharn the Betrayer.  The left shoulder pad is a metal one that comes with the chaos bike squadron, I believe. 
The icon on his back is from a Necromunda Wyrd figure.  It rests atop a backpack from Doomrider, I believe.  I also added a cloak hanging from the pack, taken from the new plastic Marauders regiment.  I used a dark red color scheme, with flame colored highlights that give the model a sort of Tzeentch look (though it's generic enough that anyone could use it).
Here's my Tzeench terminator champion.  For the left arm, I used a limb from an Epic scale Bio-Titan.  When painted in appropriate colors, it looks like a flamer arm mutation (or worse).  The body is from Abbadon, the head from Ahriman, the right arm off a standard chaos terminator marine.  I couldn't decide whether to use yellow trim on blue or blue trim on yellow- so I did both!  The right leg and left shoulder are blue trim on yellow, and vice versa.
The red wash accents the colors nicely.  In place of the back trophy spikes, I inserted  two flaming wheels from some chariot miniature I've had in my bits box.  Other details are painted black, trimmed with gold, or (in the case of the skulls, horns and exposed ribbing on the back and legs) painted white and washed with brown.

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