This is some quick scenery I made for my Eldar games, but it can also double as Tzeench sorcerer's towers. Eldar scenery requires a different approach than Imperial scenery. I start with more round shapes (like broken mixers, hair dryers, sink drains, cups, ashtrays, and even vacuum cleaner and fan parts), cut notches into them with a moto-tool, add fins to the base to help establish line of sight, and add little bumps to them. Then I prime them in white, and Paint them with washes primarily, and add rhinestones after painting.

To really get the ridges to stand out on pieces like this while you are painting, apply the tan and blue washes, then before they completely dry, use a clean rag soaked in paint thinner to wipe away excess paint from the high areas. This is similar to drybrushing, but much faster (and more dangerous). You can also get interesting "stipple" patterns in your washes by applying them with a sponge. Amongst the bony chaos pieces is a  Spider Man action figure (with extra limbs added from other toys) as my Lord of Change.

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