Necromunda was the first campaign game we ever played, the birthplace of our current style of gaming.  So these minis are admittedly old, but novel nonetheless.  They are presented here in rather sloppy fashion for your amusement..  Enjoy...
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 The metal Orlock models were so nice you just had to buy some even after choking down dozens of the plastic ones in the original Necromunda box set.

The plastic models were okay for numbers though, and gave you lots of weapon choices.  I also mixed in some of the old Catachan metals too, like this meltagunner here.


Some of the most entertaining models in the Necromunda range were the bounty hunters and hired guns.  Though most of my hired gun models went on to become characters in gangs, these two are classic freelancers.


Ages ago when Necromunda was merely a little project called Confrontation, there were Tech gangs and Brat gangs kicking around.  The Brat gangs were uphivers slumming it in the underhive (a role filled by the Spyrers in modern Necromunda).  These brat models were produced and available for a while in ages past.  The last model is actually a limited edition Helmawr Lord mini, and makes a great "chaperone" for the brats...


My friend Doug really wanted to play Van Saar, thus the choice of hair color on the first model.  The last model is a hired gun, but I painted him similar enough to the other Van Saar to serve as a character or leader model.


I love trench coats, but wasn't too fond of the Delaque bald heads at the time (sorry, Vin Diesel).  So I made some military style caps for 'em.  The second model is another hired gun turned leader.  The last model is one of my favorite Valhallans, painted  in ganger colors.

A bad pic of a cool mini- this is a converted bounty hunter.  The original pose had him holding a shotgun in the left hand rather awkwardly.  You can't go wrong with a sniper rifle and trusty stub gun.

These ladies are stock models, a tribute to the Godlike sculpting abilities of Jes Goodwin even in the old days.  I painted them as nice as I could at the time, and they hold up pretty well.  Even the Juves exude personality.  Enjoy...

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