As any Catachan knows, jungle deathworlds are no picnic.  This world has primitive alien inhabitants to contend with as well.

The temple was built from acoustic ceiling tiles, cut to shape, stacked together, and soaked in resin, then a mototool was used to cut the stone lines.   In retrospect,  white glue would have worked just as well, but the end result is a sturdy, light structure.  Novelty skulls and string vines were added too.

The alien plants are a mix of cake decoration palm trees, aquarium plants, seed pods (eucalyptus mainly), and Armorcast carniverous plants (now discontinued, sadly)  These were nestled into paper machie mud banks atop pieces of hardboard.

The cliffs and caves are made entirely out of  foam rubber.  Foam rubber can be ripped by hand to create impressive rocky crags.   To make the caves, I cut straight into the side of the cliffs with a knife and ripped the foam out and upward to create a jagged ceiling.    Steps were created the same way, by snipping out the bottom with a pair of scissors.  Then the foam was spraypainted dark brown, and layers of dark green, beige,  grey, and camo green were sprayed from various angles to catch the edges of the foam and make the detail really stand out.

Don't wander too far from the group...

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