A Rules Crusade adaptation of Ork clan wars in the world of 40K, By Sean Patten


When starting a new tribe, you may spend 10 Waagh! (W) to buy Boyz, and 15 Teef (T) to buy any Wepponz, Bitz, Mountz,Kartz, or Gubbinz.
W Boyz M A H Base
1 Grot 6 0 0 o Small. Grots.
2 Yoof 6 1 1 oo
3 Ork 6 1 1 OO
6 Nob 6 2 1 OOO
10 Boss 6 2 2 OOOO +1 Shoutin' card.
20 Warboss 6 2 3 OOOO+1 Big.
+2 Shoutin' cards.
30 Warlord 6 2 4 OOOO+2 Big.
+3  Shoutin' cards.
TOUGH: All Boyz except Grots and Yoofs may ignore the effects of Wounds, but they may NOT  HIDE.
WAAGH: You may spend Waagh to buy new Boyz, or pay the difference in Waagh to PROMOTE Boyz.
GROTS: You may not have more Grots than Orks.   Grots may not drive vehicles and not be promoted.   Grots may be sold for 1 TEEF.  Note that you may not sell any other Boyz!

CLANZ- Choose which Clan your tribe belongs to.
 GOFFS Earn +1 Waaagh / Fight for Promotion.  Rokker
 EVIL SUNZ Vehicles cost -2. Mekboy
 BAD MOONS May exchange Waagh for 2x Teef. Wierdboy
 BLOOD AXES +1 Shoutin' card of your choice / fight. Kommando
 SNAKE BITES Pet Squigs, Cave Squigs cost -1. Runtherd
 DEATHSKULLS May LOOT (see SKILLZ below). Painboy
ODDBOY: Promotion to this Oddboy type costs 1 less Waagh for your clan.

You may convert Orks into Oddboyz by spending the cost listed.
You cannot have more Oddboyz than regular Orks.  Oddboyz cannot be promoted.
+3 Rokker Take +1 Shoutin' card per fight.
+3 Mekboy Ignore 1 fail / fight.  May BODGE (see SKILLZ below).
+3 Weirdboy Psy 1.  Mind Blast.  Take 1 random Psy card/ fight.
+3 Kommando FurtiveInfiltrate.  +Reroll (any) once per turn.
+3 Runtherd May HERD.  Grabba stikk, Whippa cost -1.
+3 Painboy May MEND (see SKILLZ below).

LOOT:  As an action, may loot an adjacent killed enemy or destroyed vehicle.  Roll a white die: on a 1 or 2, earn 1 LOOT token.  Remove after rolling.
BODGE:  As an action, may attempt to repair an adjacent or ridden vehicle.  Vehicle recovers OO-1 hits (so if you roll a zero, it actually does 1 damage!).
MEND: As an action, may attempt to heal an adjacent wounded Boyz.  They recover OO-1 hits (so if you roll a zero, it actually does 1 damage!).
HERD: Grots and Cave Squigs within 12" may add +2" to their move.  May take +2 Grots.


Were'z Yer Dakka?: You may NOT field Boyz unless they are armed with at least one weapon.
'Eavy Metal: Boyz may NOT carry a weapon that rolls more dice than their base melee, unless noted (for example, ooo is more dice than OO).
-- Basha o S Improvised
 1 Blocka o S Shield.
 1 Cutta o W Reroll 
 1 Jabba oo W Chuck 8"
 1 Choppa oo W
 2 'Eavy Cutta Oo W Reroll
 2 'Eavy Choppa OO W
 2 Whippa O S NOR, Scythe
 3 Grabba Stikk OOO S 2H.  Throw.
 3 Powa Klaw OO K +P
 4 Big Choppa B W Scythe.  2H.
IMPROVISED: Any non-pistol weapon  may be used as a Basha, but will Fail if two or more of your melee dice max out!
SHIELD:  Incoming damage -o.  Parry at +2.  CHUCK: May throw as a pistol (reload).
(B) BIG CHOPPA: Dice are equal to the Base Melee dice of the user (dice only).
1 Stubba oo S X Pistol. (Only o in melee). Grots may use.
1 Grot Shot oo W X Grots may use.
1 Slugga oo S J Pistol.
1 Skatta oo S J KB, 1" Area.
2 Shoota ooo W J Rapid Fire.  Orks may use.
2 'Eavy Skatta ooo S J KB, 1"A.  Orks may use.
PISTOL: May snap fire.  May use in melee (fail result applies!).  Range max 8".
2 Buzza 8" Oo W X 2" A. Burn.
2 Frag 8" OO W X 2" Blast.
2 Busta 1" OO K X +P.
2 Tinbom /
Bomm Squig
1" OO W --  M 6", A 2, H 0, explode as an action or if damaged (2" B).
For each Stikkbom purchased, anyone in your clan except Grots may throw one per fight.  Stikkboms that explode do so centered on the user! (they never make it to the target).
 3 Harpoon OO W -- Tie = pull target 4"
 4 'Eavy Shoota OO W J Rapid Fire.
 4 Burna OO W X FT. Burn.
 4 Rokkit Launcha OO K X 2" B.  +P.
 5 Blasta OO W M Line Effect.  Burn.
 6 Shokk Attak Gun oo W J IR. IA.  Burn.
'Eavy weapons may only be used by Ork Boyz, Kommandoz, and Mekboyz.  Move -1.
 1 Wrekka Ball OO+P S M 3" Range.
 2 Grabba Claw OO+P W J 3" Range.  GRABBY.
 4 Lobba OO W X IFC.  3" B.
 4 Kannon OO K X 2"B.  +P
 5 Skorcha OOO W X Heavy Flamer Template.
 5 Pulsa Rokkit OO S M IR.  3" A. 3" KB.  Burn.  Once/fight.
 5 Traktor Kannon OO+P S X When fired at Boyz,  move them OO
(as KB) instead of damaging them.
 6 Zzap Gun OO+1 S X Line Effect.
 7 DakkaKannon OOO W X Rapid Fire.
 7  KillKannon OO+1 K J/X 2"B.
Mega weapons may only be carried by mounting on Kartz via a 'Ardpoint.
GRABBY: May reveal any blips within range once per turn.  As an attack action, may pick up loot or skrap within range.


BITZ may ONLY be purchased for Nobz, Bosses, and Oddboyz unless noted.  May not equip more than one of each per model.
(T) Bitz Effect
1w Ammo Runt Once per turn, anyone within 6" may reroll one die when shooting.
2w 'Ard +1 hit.  Cost is 2 Waagh (as promotion).
 1 Bakkup If your attack does no damage,  make a free attack with another gun.
 1 Bionik Eye You may reroll one die when making any kind of ranged attack.
 2 Bionik Legz  +1 to your move.
 2 Bionik Bitz  +1 to your base melee.
 2 Coppa Staff May reroll once / turn for Mind Blast attacks (Weirdboy only).
 1 Grappla You automatically make any scrabble rolls.
sp Kombi-Weppon Once per fight, as a free action, you may fire a one-shot 'Eavy Weapon. 
Cost = cost of the 'Eavy Weapon, minus 2.
 1 Kustom Shoota You may convert one of your weapon's white dice into a red die.
 1  Lugga You may spend no actions to carry skrap.
sp MegaArmor Armor 3.  Heavy.  Cost 5 plus the number of hits the wearer has.
 2 Pet Squig Base melee + O
 3 Powa Field 3" Radius.  Incoming ranged attacks reduced by -O.  (Mekboy only).
 3 Shouta You may take +1 Shoutin' card per fight.  -1 hand.
 2 Skanna As an action, roll 1 red die.  Examine that many blips within 12".
 1 Smoky Bullitz You are treated as in cover (Smoke) for one turn if you fire a 'Eavy Weapon.
 2 Stikkbomma May fire 1 stikkbom / turn, as part of your attack action.
 2 Storma Move OOOO+2" (see below).  Cannot be heavy / big.
 1 Telly-Skope Ranged penalties are reduced by 1 if you do not move this turn.
 1 Trophy Rakk Bearer earns 2x duff from non-vehicle targets.
 1 Venty You may reroll one weapon die to try to avoid a fail.  You must keep the new result.
STORMA: As a move action, pick a move direction.  You must move OOOO+2" straight in that direction, as a Jump Pack may move.  If three or more dice max out when rolling for movement, your Storma explodes at the end of your move! (OO W 2"A KB).


 Max. Allowed Weapons Allowed Notes
 2 CAVE SQUIG 5xO  2  0 OOO 3 / Runtherd - Mob, Trot, Animal
 4 RUNTBOT 6  2  1 oo 1 per Mek / Runtherd 2 Melee /
Trot, Animal,
 8 KILLA KAN 6  3  2 OOO+1 1 per Mek / Runtherd 2 Melee /
 15 DEFF DREAD 6  3  4 OOO+2 1 per Mek / Painboy 2 Melee, 
2 'Eavy
DAMAGED BITZ: For all Botz, remove 1 weapon (attacker's choice) for every hit taken.   Botz and Cave Squigs cannot pick up loot or skrap!
FORCE FIELD: Runtbots project a force field that protects itself and any Grots within 6" of it. Roll a red die and deduct the result from any incoming attack.
CAVE SQUIG: Must have a tender (any friendly model) within 12" or they will do nothing that turn.   Roll OOOOO each turn to determine the move value of all cave squigs under control of the tender, even if they don't want to move.   Tenders with Jabbas, Whippas or Grabba Stikks may reroll one die for their movement.  If three or more dice max out, the Cave Squigs will move towards and mob attack their Tender, or the nearest friendly model, if possible!


Vehicles (except boars) may have mounted weapons. Only mounted weapons will be damaged by vehicle damage cards.

BUMPY:  Firing from a moving vehicle takes range penalties every 8" (vs. the normal 12"), unless firing a mounted weapon.
OPEN: Boyz in Open transport may fire weapons, melee adjacent vehicles, attempt boarding, and are granted full cover vs attacks coming from outside the vehicle.  It takes a half move to enter or exit an open vehicle.
CLOSED: Boyz in Closed transport may not attack or be attacked, and may not board or be boarded.  It takes a full move to enter or exit a closed vehicle.
SKRAP: Vehicles can carry any amount of skrap with no penalties.
DRIVA: One of your Boyz (not Heavy or Big) must spend their Movement to make the vehicle move.  They may spend their Action to fire a personal weapon if Open.  Open Drivas (O) may reroll one die during wipeout checks!
BOAR: Snakebites only.  Rider's melee + O.  May not take mounted weapons.
BIKE:  Rider's melee + O.  -1 hand to ride.
LOW: Driver can melee or be meleed, and can pick up adjacent loot or skrap, without having to exit the vehicle.
RIDER: Use the rider's armor value for the vehicle's armor.  Damage is transferred directly to the rider.  Rider's hits is +1 while riding.
FLIER: May move in any direction.  Must end move on terrain.  If vehicle is destroyed, driver takes OO S vs. armor from falling!
2 BOAR 12 R R+1 O  Rider.  Low. 1 Driva (O)
4 BIKE 16 R R+1 O  Rider.  Low. 1 Driva (O)
6 DEFF COPTA 16 F 1 3 O  Flier. 1 Driva (O)
5 TRAK 12 1 3 OO  Low. 1 Driva (O), 1 O
7 BUGGY 14 1 6 OOO 1 Driva (O), 1 O
9 DRAGSTA 14 1 8 OOO+1 1 Driva (O), 2 O
10 KART 12 1 8 OOO+1 1 Driva (O), 4 O
12 TRUKK 12 1 12 OOO+2 1 Driva (O), 5 O
12 FIGHTA-BOMMA 2x12 1 12 OOO Winged Flyer. 1 Driva (C), 2 C
14 SQUIGGOTH 10 2 12 OOOO+2 6 O (Snakebites only)
16 WAGON 12 2 12 OOO+2 1 Driva (C), 5 O
18 BATTLEWAGON 10 2 16 OOO+3 1 Driva (C), 6 O, 2 C
20 BATTLEFORTRESS  8 2 20 OOO+3 1 Driva (C), 8 O, 2 C
24 STOMPA 10 2 24 OOOO+4 1 Driva (C), 5 O,10 C


'ARDPOINTS may be purchased for any vehicle.  All guns require 1 Crew to operate unless noted.
KROWDED: Gun mounts add a crew position but take away some transport space.  You may not reduce a vehicle's transport space below zero!
SUPPORTS: the type of weapon that can be mounted.  ARC: Firing arc, from the pivot point of the weapon.  If the facing is not specified, you must specify the facing (F, L, or R) when installing the weapon.
DRIVA = CREW: the vehicle driver may fire one weapon of this type per turn, as an action.
POINT: This weapon may be snap fired if the vehicle is rushed.
(T) Type Space Supports Arc
0 Pintle +1 crew (O), -1 Transport any 'Eavy weapon 180
0 Axial Driva = crew. Any 'Eavy weapon 90 F
1 Point Driva = crew. any Gun. 180
1 Swivel +1 crew (O), -1 Transport Any Mega Weapon 180
1 Fore +1 crew (C), -2 Transport Any Mega Weapon 90 F
2 Turret +1 crew (C), -2 Transport any Mega Weapon 360


GUBBINZ may only be purchased for vehicles, and must be modelled.  Indicate on the vehicle record sheet what Gubbinz it has equipped.
KUSTOM: You may not take more than one of each type of Gubbinz per vehicle unless otherwise indicated.
(T) Gubbinz Effect
1 'Ard Top Converts one transport space from open to closed.(max 6)
1 Bordin' Ramp Automatically make boarding  rolls on  vehicles within 3".
1 Bulkhedd Boarders must force entry (vs. armor 2) before they can attack closed (C) crew.
1 Grab 'Andles +1 Open Transport.
1 Glyph Platez If your vehicle survives the fight, earn +o Waagh.
2 Nitro Squig Add +oo to your vehicle's move this turn.  If you roll a 4, it explodes, doing 2 hits!
1 Panelz Your vehicle's driver  is treated as having 2 armor while driving.
1 Ramma Add +O to your vehicle's melee when attacking.(max 2)
2 RotaBladez Add +O to your vehicle's base melee.
1 Spikey Bitz Add +O to your vehicle's melee when defending.(max 2)
1 Shooty Hole One of your Boyz may fire a gun from inside a closed transport space.(max 2)
2 SmokeSkreen If a vehicle moves within 6" of the rear of you, they must make a WIPEOUT check.
1 Spike Droppa If a vehicle moves within 6" of the rear of your vehicle, roll ooo W vs. their armor.
1 Stikkbomma Your vehicle may fire one stikkbom per turn.


Read a scenario to determine how to set up scenery and determine what the objective is.  For each SHOUTIN' card you get, draw three random cards from the deck and choose one of them.  You may start troops boarded in vehicles. Scenarios may also have special rules and restrictions, so read them carefully before playing. If there are any BLIPS in the scenario, place them face down until they are revealed. Blips may be revealed by vehicles or boyz.  Only boyz can pick up loot or skrap however!  Following are rules for the different blip types you may encounter:

LOOT- If it is a loot, you must spend an action to pick it up.  It is worth 1 white die of TEEF at the end of the fight.
SKRAP- You must spend an action to pick it up, and cannot perform any action while carrying it. It takes two Grots to carry a piece of skrap! If stunned, you will drop the skrap.  It takes no actions to voluntarily drop a Skrap. If you can drop the Skrap off the board or on your vehicle, or are carrying it when the fight ends, you earn 1 TEEF.
TRAP-  Roll OO vs. armor (max damage = stun).  Lose all remaining move this turn.  If on an upper level, drop down one level.
AMBUSH- Place a MUTIE anywhere adjacent to the revealing model- they may immediately attack, and then make a half move. They ignore all other hazards, traps and enemies. They may hide if no one is in range. If killed, leave the body so that Deathskulls may loot them.
  M  A  H  Ranged  MELEE  Notes
Mutie 6 1 1 ooo W X  OOO  X= kills user.

HAZARD- Note that all hazards except mutants have a permanent 2" area effect. If you start inside the area and move out, you will not be affected. If you move into or stay in the area, you will be affected unless KOed or dead. You will be affected as described on the chart below.

1: Dust Devil- move 6" in a random direction.
2: Shock- oo S vs. Armor.
3: Corrosion- oo W vs. Armor.
4: Fuel Leak- roll o.  On a 1 or a 2, gas explodes: OO W 2"B.
5: Rad Leak- o W IA.
6: Cursed Earth-  Add +1 to the next hazard, trap or attack roll against you!
DUFFIN': For each hit (not a stun) you do to an enemy or occupied vehicle, earn 1 DUFF token.  Hang onto these tokens until the end of the fight- it's how you earn WAAGH.
HIJACKIN': During a game, you may take over any empty vehicle (must get in and have an action to drive it).  You do NOT get to keep the vehicle though- it returns to the original owner at the end of the fight.


After a fight is over, go through the following steps IN ORDER:

LOOT:  Earn 1 white die of Teef for each Loot collected (minimum 1).
SKRAP: Earn 1 Teef for each Skrap collected.
ODD JOBZ:  Ean 1 white die of Teef for each surviving Oddboy in your clan.

DUFF: Roll a white die for each DUFF earned, plus a white die for each surviving Nob or Boss.  Subtract the number of Boyz (not Grots) killed during the game from the roll result.  Earn that much WAAGH!  (Minimum 1, maximum 3 unless otherwise noted).
UPSTARTZ: The clan with the lowest total points at the end of the game earns an additional +1 Waagh.

REPLACE- You automatically recover all Boyz, equipment, and damage lost during the fight.
SELL- You may sell off any Grots for 1 Teef each if you wish.
RECRUIT- you may purchase new Boyz or promote existing Boyz by spending Waagh!
GUNZ- You may purchase or sell any Weppunz, Bitz, Kartz, or Gubbinz for the amount you paid.