While trying to make some headway detailing the Space Hulk scenery I could never seem to finish (until recently), I stumbled across the plastic case for a filtration unit that just begged to be worked on.  I turned it upside down, added a base, and started detailing like mad.  For some reason, the basic shape was just right, and built up easily.   I started by adding part of a coal car hopper from a toy train to the top of the piece, which was already nicely detailed with rivets.  I added some picket fence detailing (from HO train supply) for a more gothic look.
The pipes at the bottom are from Armorcast's  line of industrial terrain, and formed nice cover at ground level.  The inset detail in the middle is, of course, the engine interior piece from the new Land Raider kit- I just cut a hole and dropped it in!  The detail on the side is little more than the undercarriage from a plastic Jeep model, with just a couple tank parts added for detail.
The ribbed pipes are from toys, or in the case of the long one, I gutted some tire snow chains and found that cabling inside- cool, but hard to cut!  Additional details include tank tread parts, an eagle pin, and some rivets I made myself using a newly aquired 1/16" hole punch!  This thing is a godsend for rivet making- just punch some thin sheet plastic, and instant rivets!
After painting, I used stickers from toys and 40K decals to embellish what few areas were not already coated with detail.  I always give my decals and stickers a coat of flat laquer so they look natural.

Here's a back view of the new Generator.   The three dust fans are from an HO Train accessory pack (I gotta find more of those things).  The horizontal tank is from a Russian tank kit.  The vertical pipes are another piece from the Armorcast line of industrial scenery.  The cupola was part of the original filtration unit- I just glued a base plate on the inside so minis could stand in there, plus some detail around the lip from a rubber tank tread.
The big vent is the bottom of a foot from a Zoid toy.  The open areas at the base are part of the original filter case, I just put some screening in the back and some perforated metal on the floor from a car air filter (the smaller grid is cross stitch grid available in craft stores).  The box added to the side is from a Matchbox Mega Rig toy, most of which is going into making Space Hulk terrain.  the rivets on top of the box were added, more of those 1/16" hole punch rivets, thank you!  More fine detail from tank kits and Zoid toys can be seen throughout.
The entire piece was painted like all my other industrial terrain (I was afraid of experimenting on a cool piece like this).  Primed in black, drybrushed green, then bits drybrushed with grey, red, or metallics to make them stand out.  And of course, rust washes- two colors this time to add more depth (the leather color and the light brown color).  As you can see, the piece is a natural gaming piece, with loads of places to stand, and plenty of cover to hide in / behind / under.

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