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How Our Contested Die Rolls Work

By Sean Patten

Most of the games found on this site make use of a simple die rolling system that compares the rolls of two contestants to determine a winner.  The short name for this system is Die-Con(tm).  Here's how it works!

A contested roll is when two competitors both roll dice, then compare the roll to determine who won, and by how much.  Usually contested rolls are for resolving a COMBAT, so contestants would be the ATTACKER and the DEFENDER.   They both roll dice, the number of which depends on their attack and defense abilities.  So the contestants roll their dice- then what happens?

 So say you won.  But HOW MUCH did you win by?  In most combats for example, how much damage did you do?  This degree of "win" is called OVERKILL, and here's how you get it. 

What is Overkill good for? 
 Some special rules allow you to REROLL one of your dice when attacking, defending, or making other die roll attempts- for example, ACE pilots in MS ERARerolls can really help out, turning a lose into a win, earning more overkill, or even preventing a Jam Result when two dice roll the same number in your game of Derelict.
We hope you find the DIE-CON system fun and easy to use, once getting the hang of it.  It aims to provide exciting and interesting results, without endless die rolling and chart checking.  Best of all, once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to learn other games of ours with ease, as many of them share this core system.  Thanks for playing, and happy tabletop gaming!

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