Our original party from the first campaign, including a Nightmare Cat), Rowi the Kiwi Swarm, Stanislav the Avian Stalker, Scalpie, a Medical Robot, and a Magnetic Gearhead named Cass.

Hoops are a classic Gamma World monster, so I made these conversions by putting rabbit heads onto other figures.

These Badders are old Warhammer Skaven painted up to look like Badgers.

Obbs are radioactive flying fungus eyeballs, so I made these by modifying bats, replacing their face with an airsoft BB.

The flying Sentrybots from the latest edition of Gamma World look heavily inspired by Warhammer Tau Drones, so I painted some up to match.

You know, just some Fun Guys.

These fish dudes were perfect models for Fen.

Various Mechwarrior figures stand in nicely as consruction robots.

These converted Deadlands robots look insane enough to fit right into Gamma World.

A couple turtle men, and a reallly big snapping turtle.

These plant men are Swamp Thing figures from the Marvel minis game.

These deep sea fish figures came from the toy store, and look completely horrifying- er, just right.

For our second campaign, we had some new characters join:  Pongo the giant Penguin, Noot the Reptilian, Scalpie and Stanislav from before, and Dogface the dog handler.

We also discovered a new race of frog-people called Kriks.

Pongo found his long lost bretheren during our second campaign,  Bweep and Pan-Pan.

Some new Mutants for our upcoming third campaign:  a classic Stalker, a Razorback, and a weird looking bird thing.

More new models, a Powered Suit, some crazy guy with an umbrella, a clever Orangutang, and crazy bug dude.

Back views.  You can see Orangutang's computer actually works!

Mounted and unmounted versions of several Mutant Raiders, and their bizarre steeds.

For our third campaign, a new threat is coming: Cybernetic Beasts capable of converting Biomass into fuel.  Yes, that means they can eat you.

Here's a whole menagerie of Cyberbeasts.  These are all converted and repainted Zoids Wild toys, which look amazing when done up right.

A converted Gilraptor Zoid, with some weathering and technical details added.

This Gabrigator got a major repaint and decal pass.