Inspired by conversions of Hot Wheels cars for my Road Wolf  game, I made dozens of Mad Max inspired toy car conversions like this one. 
This Limo is the chariot of the Iron King, leader of the Hellriders, who have the lion's share of operating vehicles in the Apocalypse.

This monstrosity is made from die-cast toy cars, wheels from Monster Truck toys, and bits from all manner of models.

Hellriders have bikes too, of course!  The riders are horse riders from various miniatures lines, sat atop Hot Wheels choppers customized with unique paint jobs and all manner of scary bits.

This converted police Chevy shows how just a couple mods go a long way.  Raised back end, offroad tires, added pipes and a blower combine with a grungy weathering job.

This metallic beast is one of my favorite conversions.  Adding tanks, blades, blowers, and other details, everything was painted metallic and weathered with streaks of dirt for a fast look.

After jacking up all the cars, I needed a unique look for this truck, so it got dropped instead, and covered with armor plates.

Not wanting to do yet another all metal car, this one got black accents, and a crazy fanged monster head on the hood.

The hubcaps are actually shields from chaos marauder miniatures.  The bumper bars are made from wood and sheet lead.

The massive spoiler on the back is actually a tank plow blade from a 40K vehicle.