A collection of miniatures for our fantasy RPG setting.

In Arcadia, most inhabitants are known as "Animas", sentient bipedal evolutions of all manner of different animals.  Most of the party in our campaign are Animas of one type or another, with the notable exception of Squalor, who is a Glint- a fire spirit living inside a metal armor body. 

More Animas.  Most are stock models from various sources, but the crab is a conversion using parts from a hermit crab toy.

The Pterodactyl and Giraffe are converted minis from Descent: Legends in the dark, with heads taken from plastic animal toys.  The Elephant is an old GW Ogre with a toy elephant head added.

These converted D&D figures had their bare torsos replaced with Imperial Guard, and upgraded with great Axes.

Two inhabitants from Scrimshaw- a rather garish wizard, and a Gnomish inventor (model from wrath of kings)

Animas come in a wide range of sizes, such as these giant rat types (from the Aftermath board game).  The Lion ogre is a mix of parts from Games Workshop minis.

Various animas creatures that will show up later in our campaign...

Another example of scale range, these rabbit models were borrowed from my Gamma World minis collection.

These giant Lupines are prepainted models from Confrontation, and look great with just a simple brown enamel wash.

The mercenary Beastmasters include hippo, rhino, and other exotic animas types.  These orc and troll figures were converted with heads from plastic toy animals.

The Swindon empire is made up primarily of Porcine Animas.  (miniatures from Wrath of Kings, or converted with toy pig figures).  Ragnar the penguin is a toy converted with weapons and armor from old plastic miniatures.

Some of the strangest Animas are Piscenes, or fishmen.  This toy crab makes a fun addition.

In Arcadia, even mythological creatures like Centaurs have a unique Animas twist to them.

Humans also inhabit Arcadia, although they are a minority.  Most of these figures come prepainted with town accessory kits, and recieved a dark brown wash to add some depth.

Human warriors- models from Warcry, Black Plague, and Chaosball.

Some older Warhammer models, and a  Wizkids D&D figure.

Some more dangerous humans, including a berserker converted from a dollar store He-Man figure. 

The Arcadian Archeological Adventurers Association, or 4A, has always included an eclectic mix of members.

Dwarves are one of the ancient races that still make rare appearances in our flashback games.

Beer Golems are an amusing invention of the ancient human empire of Panjandrum.

A less amusing invention are these Gloomhounds, found guarding tombs.  Models from Warmachine.

The race known as Glints might also be a product of the Panjandran empire.  These D&D golem figures were converted with heads from Games Workshop knights.

These Glints are converted models from the Warmachine:Grind boardgame.

Rumours of the Panjandrans dabbling in Necromancy are supported by the number of undead appearing in their ancient ruins. 

Ghouls from Games Workshop and Descent: Legends of the dark.

Skeletons from Games Workshop, including some converted into archers.

GW chaos hounds make for great Dire Wolves.

This Bat Sorceror, along with the Bone Golem, are from the Wizkids D&D figures and can be found pretty cheap and prepainted.

Scorpions from the Aftermath board game, and a Bone Scorpion from Games Workshop.

Other D&D models include this Mimic and Rust monster.  The clockwork beast is a mix of parts from Puppet Wars, Warmachine, and Epic 40k.

Some even stranger creatures- the beast on the left is converted from a toy dinosaur inspired by a build seen on Bill Making Stuff.  The other lizard is a dollar store dinosaur figure.

This hideously adorable monstrosity is made with wings from a toy dragon and head from a toy dinosaur, stuck onto an old Games Workshop chaos hound.

More dinosaurs- just a dark brown wash goes a long way on these cheap toys!

These pack animals are made from dollar store dinosaurs, loaded up with gear from various miniatures.

These much larger dinosaurs are Dollar store toys, with new heads taken from an old 2 headed dragon figure.

These oversized animals started as cheap vinyl toy figures, and got a quick paint upgrade.  The Howdah on the center elephant was scratch built out of coffee stir sticks and model bits.

This Siege Beast started as an old Spawn figure, upgraded with a Howdah made from coffee stir sticks, leather scraps, jewelry chain, and plastic shields.  The cannon is a novelty pencil sharpener.

This imposing creature inhabits the Afterlands and frowns at anyone that isn't supposed to be there.

This model is just a goat head from a nice figure, added onto a dollar store Giraffe body and some darker paint.