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Below are just a few highlights of our story so far...

Purket (a resourceful Corvine) and Squalor (a flame spirited, iron bodied Glint) meet on the road, and enter the town of Coriander looking for work.

  They explore the sewers of Coriander on a floating table, looking to recover a lost children's toy for a reward. 
There they encounter (and befriend) several Piscenes.

Later in the Coriander market square, Squalor battles another Glint named Rusty in a duel arranged by the human Gora Mandrake. 
The prize?  The hand of a Panjandran princess, apparently.

(Gora Mandrake and some of his  henchmen)

Purket and Squalor meet the Captain, a feline sea captain tasked with taking them to the Panjandran island where the princess supposedly awaits. 

Once they reach Agrippa island, they meet princess Dima Agrippa, a towering and bold human in armor, and the Lutrinae Druid known as Tara who will be performing the ceremony.

Before the wedding can proceed, the party must help the human princess Dima Agrippa find her family heirloom rings from the ancient family crypts...
Which are of course inhabited by restless dead. 

After escaping the lower crypts, the party is greeted by agressively enthusiastic Beer Golems looking to host the wedding with showers of intoxicating foam and melee.

After defeating a wraith that Dima recognized as her "Grandma", the party must use a recovered ring to portal into an ancient hold...

 ...where an inert Panzer known to Dima as "Grandpa" awaits with the second ring.

Finally with both rings intact, the ceremony is finally performed, joining Dima and Squalor. 
The entire island begins to shake, as ancient Panjandran devices across the seas rumble back to life!

All part of Gora's plan to take over the revitalized Panjandran empire, Gora takes to the seas, stealing the party's ship and stranding them.

Looking for another way off the island,  the party sets forth... in a rowboat.

Thankfully they are picked up by the experimental Arcadian Navy vessel known as the Stormstalker. 
But soon after, a giant whirlpool appears, and pulls the ship down!

The crew must scour the strangely exposed ocean floor for parts to repair the damaged ship, before the watery walls of the whirlpool come back in and destroy them all.

Squalor can't make it back to the ship in time... so he daringly uses his wedding ring to open a portal back to Dima in the crypts!

  Although this saves his life, it floods the crypts with tons of seawater, to Dima's annoyance.

The Stormstalker returns to Agrippa Island, and the party set out to find Gora and put a stop to whatever he's up to. 

This leads them to another ancient Panjandran dungeon, where they discover Gora sacrificing some of his crew in a rite to reawaken and claim three deadly Panzers.  Even Rusty (the rival Glint) is powerless to resist the ritual, and is absorbed into Gora's Panzer.
Though the party is unable to stop them, they are at least aware of the threat...

Gora and his crew sail off with the Panzers to wreak terror on the world...

But the party decide to resupply and rearm themselves before engaging Gora and his deadly forces.  They venture north to the coastal town of Scrimshaw...


In addition to meeting various townsfolk, the party discover an ancient Panjandran Tomb under the town.

A powerful magnet trap hampers the party's efforts to explore the tomb, especially Squalor's all metal body. 
Whoever made the ruins didn't want anyone finding what lay inside...

The party discover that the tomb is the same one that they found Dima's Grandpa in... or rather, the Panzer that once held him. 

The party manage to convince the townsfolk to loan them some pack animals, and all the grease they can spare.
They slowly drag the Panzer within range of energy crystals awaiting them at the far end of the causeway.

In order to buy time for the Panzer to charge up, the party join Hampton aboard the Stormstalker.
Their goal: slow down the Blackmarrow and its deadly cargo of Panzers led by Gora Mandrake.
The feline "Captain" also hopes to earn control of the Stormstalker from Hampton somehow...

Hampton lets loose one of his secret weapons: a magitech Torpedo, which has devastating effect on the Blackmarrow!

Unfortunately, the Panzers return fire, and their firebomb lands in the powder room of the Stormstalker!
 Hampton prevents a catastrophic explosion by hurling himself onto the bomb- vanishing in a searing flash of light...

Since Hampton was the only one who knew how to launch the Torpedoes, the Captain decides to break off, but taunts the Blackmarrow to follow.
Meanwhile, Squalor, Tara, and Purket sneak back to town in a rowboat to prepare defenses against the Blackmarrow's eventual arrival...

The Blackmarrow eventually abandons the chase and smashes into the port of Scrimshaw.  Gora's Panzers leap to shore, while the party orchestrate an evacuation.

Squalor meanwhile finds Dima's Panzer charged with mysterious crystal energy. 
Squalor's spirit flame transfers into the Panzer, and Dima's body is also absorbed by the ancient war machine.

Squalor and Dima confront Gora (and Rusty) in an epic Panzer Duel!

Meanwhile, Purket and Tara raid the town's Powder stores...
...and set an explosive trap for one of the enemy Panzers!

Calico, a survivor from Gora's earlier raid on the town of Coriander, finds a weak spot in the armor of an enemy Panzer.
Gail the wizard slows the Panzer down further with a friction-free potion.


Gora puts up a tremendous fight, exploiting the trapped Rusty's flame spirit to its limit.

But Dima and Squalor make the better team, and defeat Gora handily.
Squalor manages to recover Rusty's flame spirit, as Gora and his crew beat a retreat from Scrimshaw...

The town is grateful for the crew's efforts, and the Mayor grants the Captain a provisional captaincy of the Stormstalker, providing they do something to suppress increasing pirate activity in the area.