This page continues the chronological log of our Second Votoms Campaign.


As the battle outside Tagren Base heats up, Perdas Grane orders the next wave of troops in, under command of the despicable Lieutenant Odiah.  Odiah and his men use their Rusty Goat light ATs, one of the few military units that DEFCOM can't control thanks to their obsolete computer systems.

The light ATs are fast, and soon into the mix of chaos and destruction.  They are hard to hit, but one goes down in a single shot from the soulless defenders.

The light ATs desperately engage the heavier defenders, except for Lieutenant Odiah who cowers in the cover of a power generator structure.

Meanwhile, Maxim continues to thin out the defending ATs, ramming one of the Beetles into the base of a tower.

But the towers and their guns take a heavy toll on the attackers!  

The attackers do their best to keep the base, and DEFCOM, busy and distracted, but casualties are mounting.

Maxim shifts his attention to the deadly turrets, scoring a hit, but there are still other turrets left active...

And then DEFCOM deploys reinforcements!  This is more than the attackers can bear, and they pull back to call in help from the War Train.

Even from two kilometers away, the guns on the War Train have the range and firepower to pin down DEFCOM, although firing into mixed forces is hugely risky!

Fortunately the barrages land on target, destroying more of the Bases ATs and Turrets.  But DEFCOM has even more ATs yet to deploy...

Inside the base, Mick and Burt locate the transmitter room, but it is guarded by two Zwerg light ATs.  Burt throws a flare into the room, blinding the Zwergs long enough for Mick to hack into their cockpits.  The pilots put a few rounds through the computers inside the cockpits and take control of the ATs manually.

Burt manages to fire one Zwerg's guns into the base of the Transmitter Tower, and Mick uses the other Zwerg to shove the tower over and destroy it!  Even Camo the Kizzard helps, chewing and pulling at any cables it can get its teeth on.

With the transmitter destroyed, the remaining DEFCOM ATs outside grind to a halt.   Perdas Grane arrives in his customized green Calamity Dog to personally supervise the capture of Tagren Mountain Base.  Maxim blows open the tower door and leads the way inside.

Tearing their way through the dark and mazelike interior of the base, Perdas Grane and his troops soon locate the Control Center where the DEFCOM master computer unit is located.  Following the noise, Burt and Mick enter the center from above, Mick still driving his captured Zwerg.  Grane's master scientist, Ramoh Harken, sets to work removing the DEFCOM MCU.  Why aren't they just destroying it before it can do any more harm to Grattan and its people?

Perdas Grane answers this question, brutally honestly.  "We always intended to regain control of DEFCOM, not destroy it.  Now that we have done that, you Stray Dogs are no longer needed.  By killing Lieutenant Fugue, the Leash system will kill all of you troublemakers in one shot!"  At which, Grane's Calamity Dog mercilessly guns down Lieutenant Fugue, while Odiah just chuckles at his master's deviousness. 

But Burt, Mick, Maxim, and Rotweil are... still alive, their Leashes failing to activate!  Fugue croaks his dying words... "I disabled your leashes a long time ago...  Now you must do what you believe is right..."  Furious, Perdas Grane charges out of the Control room, smashing aside Maxim's Rising Tortoise.  Ramoh Harken is gone, having taken the DEFCOM MCU and ran in the confusion.  Rotweil just looks on in horror at the remains of his former commander.

Furious, the Stray Dogs take their frustration out on Odiah's Rusty Goat AT.  Mick uses his captured Zwerg to tackle Odiah and extract him from his cockpit.  Maxim holds Odiah in his crushing grip, and demands answers.  Odiah admits that Perdas Grane always considered the Stray Dogs expendable, and had set them up for incarceration from the beginning in order to justify leashing them and using them as tools for their own ends.  But they hadn't counted on Fugue's change of heart...  The Stray Dogs take Odiah as their prisoner and head out of the base looking for revenge.

The Stray Dogs stop in the base Hangar on the way out, and select some new ATs for themselves, including a Groundfire Tortoise for Rotweil and two brand new Turbo Custom Scopedogs for Mick and Burt.

Reaching the surface, the Stray Dogs find that Perdas Grane, Ramoh Harken, and the War Train are gone.  But they can be hunted down, and they all agree that the war criminals must be brought to justice and the DEFCOM MCU smashed so this nightmare can never happen again.


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