This page continues the chronological log of our Second Votoms Campaign.


Mongrel Squad has miraculously survived their latest mission to blow up a Balarant InterSystem Ballistic Missile station, and escaped in a Balarant ship.  Now they must get back to Grattan, but if they can't find a Gilgamesh ship to return in, they will surely be mistaken for an enemy and destroyed!  As they enter the Grattan system, they do find a Gilgamesh A.T. Lighter, but it is drifting lifeless and surrounded by debris...

Mongrel squad sorties in their borrowed Fatty ATs to investigate the wreckage.  Several Scopedog ATs litter the battlefield, where some fires are still burning, devouring precious fuel and oxygen supplies.  The team also make use of a Balarant light AT to repair the damage and cut entry into the drifting ship.

Once inside, the team find more signs of struggle, but no evidence of who the attackers were...  only bodies and destruction, likely caused by ATs.

Reaching the engine room, they are able to restart the ship... but it looks almost like the crew deliberately shut the power down...  With power restored, Mongrel Squad begin transferring over to the reclaimed Gilgamesh ship.

In the control center, the team discovers a Gilgamesh heavy AT.  Both its rocket gun AND the cockpit strangely empty and abandoned.  They  still manage to complete the transfer and get underway.

The newly crewed A.T. Lighter soon comes across another stricken ship, drifting in orbit around Grattan.  The team investigate, hoping to recover more supplies in case the unknown threat returns.

Suddenly, the other ship comes to life, attacking with its guns and Tortoise ATs!  The team barely manages to retreat to their own ship and get aboard, only keeping the enemy at bay with a few well placed grenades.

Mongrel squad pulls away from their mysterious attackers and resume course toward Grattan...

Suddenly, something explodes INSIDE their ship, and on the security camera monitors, the team can see two Standing Tortoise Mk II units active in the hangar!  The lurking units threaten to destroy the ship from the inside.  Pirates, saboteurs, or worse, the team are left with no choice but to vent the airlock and blast the threat into space...

The damage done, Mongrel Squad's badly damaged ship plunges through the atmosphere towards Grattan, returning home to an unknown fate.

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