This page continues the chronological log of our Second Votoms Campaign.

Despite Perdas Grane's public announcement of DEFCOM, the automated defense system is not ready yet, and the threat of another Balarant  ISBM attack is too great to ignore.  The attack most likely came from a Balarant Tactical Platform known as FIX, in orbit around the planet Beylon.  Beylon is too heavily guarded for a frontal assault, and Gilgamesh space forces are already spread too thin in the Grattan sector... but Perdas Grane devises a cunning plan, and assigns the expendable members of Mongrel Squad to carry it out.

Mick, Maxim and Burt, under the command of Lieutenant Fugue, are assigned to the captured Balarant Frigate and sent to infiltrate the FIX tactical platform.  Equipped with a nonfunctional turret, one barely functional captured Fatty, and a handful of badly damaged Balarant uniforms, the team sets out...

On arrival in the Beylon system, the squad spots the massive FIX tactical platform, bristling with guns and launch ports.

Broadcasting a distress signal, the Caspian is allowed to dock for emergency repairs at the station under the watchful gaze of several Fatty and Chunky AT sentries.   Maxim stays with the ship and begins repairs on the damaged turret.   Pleading for medical attention, two of the crew are allowed onboard the station- Burt and Mick Wansboro, disguised as Balarant soldiers.

Mick helps an "injured" Burt to the aid station.  Camo the Kizzard has also snuck into the station with them...

Burt collapses to the floor as Mick pleads with the guards for assistance.  One guard comes over to investigate, only to discover Burt is actually quite healthy and vicious!

The Kizzard leaps at the second guard, startling him and allowing Mick to disable him before an alarm can be raised.  The interlopers then hack the door leading into the AT hangar...

...and find two fresh Balarant ATs waiting for them.  Mick's experience with piloting Fatty ATs is going to come in handy!

The two hijacked ATs proceed deeper into the station, hacking through another door that leads into...

A missile launch preparation area!  Startled by the intrusion, a crew of Balarant soldiers look up to see who is interrupting their work.

Burt and Mick reply with a barrage of catapult fire!

One of the Balarant troopers runs for the alarm panel, only to find a growling Kizzard guarding it...

Mick hastily sets the detonation timers on the missiles.  With all the explosions and gunfire, it won't take long for the station to realize what is happening...

Their attempts to open a hatch unsuccesful, the two exit the launch room the only way they can- by crawling out the launch tubes!

Realizing what must be going on inside, Maxim turns his captured Fatty on a nearby sentry, catching it off guard!

The escaping saboteurs make a mad dash for their captured Frigate.  If they don't get clear of the platform soon, they'll go up with it!

As they turn the Frigate away from the station, several yellow Fatty ATs appear and pursue.   Using the repaired turret, Lieutenant Fugue manages to destroy one..

But members of the elite Balarant "Brazen Squad" won't give up that easily.  Pursuing the fleeing ship, they inflict major damage on the escaping saboteurs.

Burt, Mick, and Maxim struggle to keep the Brazen Squad ATs at bay, until...

A massive explosion rips through the distant FIX platform, utterly destroying it and stunning the pursuing yellow ATs.  

Mongrel Squad has survived another perilous mission.  But now they must return to Grattan, wondering if the DEFCOM defense system will mistake them for the very enemy they have destroyed...

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