This page continues the chronological log of our Second Votoms Campaign.

7212.10.14 - A.T. LIGHTER "KAIN" 

A few weeks after their return from Quent and delivery of the mysterious device taken from that world, Mongrel Squad is called out for a new and even more dangerous mission.  A possible Balarant attack threatens planet Grattan, in the form of Interstellar Ballistic Missiles.  The Balarant have used them before to devastating effect.  If the Kain cannot locate and intercept the missiles, they could cause untold devastation.

Kain closes on a target that could be one of the missiles, travelling at ferocious speed.

Mongrel Squad is launched- or at least three of them.  Mick Wansboro, Maxim Hiflen, and Burt Buton are deployed, but Rotweil is not assigned to go, for reasons unknown.

To catch the missile, the Space capable ATs must accelerate even faster than the Kain.  Even the smallest asteroid or debris at that speed can be lethal- and unfortunately, the missile is passing through a whole field of asteroids!  Mick's Solid Shooter is clipped by a massive blur of rock, damaging it.

Burt Buton is first to catch the missile, a huge projectile with lethal warhead.  Detonating it here would surely destroy the squad and the Kain, so Burt tries to push the missile off course.  By attaching his Roundmover pack to the missile, Burt creates a constant vector disruption that even the missile's verniers can't compensate for, sending it off course.

For good measure, Maxim smashes out the rear verniers, and sets the warhead to detonate at a safe distance.  Mick reports a second missile sighting in the distance, and tries to engage.

The second missile hurtles straight for the diverted first one, narrowly missing it!  Burt's Scopedog, now without a Roundmover pack, drifts helplessly until Maxim's Standing Tortoise II can grab ahold of him.  The two get out of the missile's path just in time...

With a large enough blast near the engine, Mick figures the missile could be thrown off course.  Strapping his damaged Solid Shooter to the missile, Mick sets a timed detonator and backs away. 

Maxim fires a full barrage of shoulder missiles at the solid shooter, creating a massive explosion that throws the second missile off course.

Unfortunately, the high speed chase takes its toll as Maxim and Burt are struck by an asteroid!  Their ATs damaged but not destroyed, they limp back to the Kain.

The first missile explodes a safe distance from planet Grattan with a blinding glare...

But the second missile strikes Grattan's moon, shattering the satellite  into massive fragments!  Its cracked and broken surface will never be the same...

That night, General Randol declares the mission a success, despite the collateral damage.  Perdas Grane appears with the General, and promises that a new automated defense system known as DEFCON will be going on line soon, precisely to prevent attacks like this from hitting Grattan and its population...


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