This page continues the chronological log of our Second Votoms Campaign.

7212.10.03 - A.T. LIGHTER "KAIN" 

Maxim Hiflen, Mick Wansboro, and Burt Buton have been transferred to the Penal Battalion ship "Kain", and are being held for crimes committed on their last mission.  There's no sign of the traitorous Lieutenant Odiah, though... Major Perdas Grane introduces their new Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Fugue.  Fugue explains the conditions of their incarceration...  Each of them has been "equipped" with a Leash system- a remote controlled device that can induce pain, or even death.  As long as they follow Fugue's orders, stay within 500 meters, and Fugue is in good health, they'll be fine.  But if any of them get out of line, or attempt to flee or injure their CO, there will be consequences.  Fugue demonstrates when one of the prisoners attempts to flee- and is knocked unconscious by a jolt of electricity running through their veins.

With their undivided attention and unquestioning loyalty assured, Major Grane explains their next assignment.  They must return to the depths of Tartarus City, and capture any and all members of the Stray Dog gang residing there.    The Prisoner-Soldiers go to the hangar to select their ATs. 

After making entry into the depths of the city, Lt. Fugue (Standing Turtle) orders the advance of Maxim Hiflen (Standing Turtle with Mortars) and Burt Buton (Scopedog with Rocket Pod).  Burt looks for a way to access the upper level.

As Burt climbs the decaying bulkheads of the undercity, Mick Wansboro (Scopedog with Mortar)  Goes around the side, looking for another way in.  All the leashed prisoners dutifully look for Stray Dog gang members, but to do so on their home turf is a dangerous business.

Mick finds a flooded canalway.  Advancing cautiously, he is aware of many potential ambush spots...

The advancing ATs flush out a swarm of giant rats.  Fleeing the rats is a lost pet Kizzard, native to Grattan.  The Kizzard is backed against a drainage canal, but manages to join up with a Stray Dog gang member caught on foot and off guard.  Together they drive off the rat swarms, but the Stray Dog must still be careful not to attract the attention of the ATs...

While Lt. Fugue checks the middle levels, Maxim discovers the Stray Dog's hiding place!  He warns the ganger to run away, even though his orders are to capture any gangers in the area.

The Stray Dog ganger manages to hide around the corner just in time, along with his helpful new Kizzard Friend.  The Lieutenant is suspicious, but fails to discover the fugitives.

Mick has had some luck finding suspects- a ganger with a heavy machine gun lurks in a doorway nearby!  Mick fires a Foam Grenade from his GAT-22, and the expanding, hardening foam traps the ganger inside the building.

Burt has made it to the upper levels, and can see several more gangers ready to ambush Mick Wansboro below!  He fires several Foam rockets, but the gangers manage to get away.

Alerted by the aggressive intruders' attacks, the Stray Dogs engage the invading ATs with ambushing ATs of their own.

A Boxing Dog AT charges Burt, but he manages to snap fire with his handy GAT-22C, damaging the boxing dog and buying time to escape the crushing blows...

But he backs right into the attack of another Stray Dog AT, whose energy weapon wreaks havoc on both Burt and the precarious landscape!  A repair AT sets to work fixing the Boxing Dog.

Mick barely avoids destruction by a Brutishdog, dodging into the drainage trench before the Stray Dog's ambush can hit.

Mick returns fire with a Foam grenade, disabling the Brutishdog and buying himself some time!

Burt dashes off a ramp to escape his attackers, straining the limits of his damaged Scopedog...

...and lands on another Stray Dog on the platform below, knocking him down!

The Lieutenant enters the fray, firing on the repair AT and destroying it.   The Stray Dog ATs on the upper platform are distracted by this attack...

Just long enough for Mick to fire off  a Foam Mortar round and incapacitate the Boxing dog!

Maxim Hiflen joins the fray, ambushing from out of the drainage trench and foaming the remaining Stray Dog on the upper platform.  Lt. Fugue calls in reinforcements, and Gilgamesh MPs enter the scene.  The Stray Dogs surrender, preferring capture to death.  The Boxing Dog pilot is none other than the infamous Stray Dog leader, Rotweil!  The Kizzard seems to have some special connection with Rotweil, and sneaks into his coat pocket.

7212.10.04 - A.T. LIGHTER "KAIN" 
Four captured Stray Dog prisoners including Rotweil, are are brought back on board the Penal Ship "Kain" for incarceration, and most likely, Leashing.  Burt, Mick, and Maxim are reminded that they too are prisoners, still under the control of the military.   Before it can be detected, the Kizzard sneaks off into the depths of the ship.

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