This page continues the chronological log of our Second Votoms Campaign.

7212.09.23 - ASTEROID BELT  (Game 2)

GULAG- a Gilgamesh controlled asteroid prison, where prisoners are used to mine for Jijirium in the most hostile conditions. 

The Gilgamesh AT Lighter "Abel" docks at Gulag to deliver Mick Wansboro, a suspected Balarant Spy captured in the previous battle.  But casualties from recent Balarant attacks have left the prison shorthanded.  So Major Perdas Grane volunteers two of his AT pilots, Burt Buton and Maxim Hiflen, to assist with guard duty.   The Warden explains their responsibilities, and makes it clear that the Zwerg light ATs are for use only in emergencies.

Suddenly, one of the cell blocks explodes!  A Gulag prison guard looks on, unsure if it is a prison break or a Balarant Attack!  Unseen, Mick Wansboro uses the smoke and chaos to find a place to hide until the chaos is over.  Other prisoners, dazed and injured by the explosion, are further subdued by gas grenades fired by the panicking guard.

Maxim wastes no time commandeering one of the Zwergs, and Burt follows shortly after.  Prison guards rush everywhere, unsure what kind of threat they face.

But even the sturdy little Zwergs are unprepared when one of the outer walls blasts open, sucking the air out of the prison mine!  Fatty ATs enter through the hole and attack the Gilgamesh mining compound.

The Balarant Fatty ATs blast everything in sight, hoping to capture or at least disrupt the Jijirium mining.

But as the Fattys move further into the compound, Maxim uses his Zwerg to flank behind...

And with a lucky shot from his arm mounted machine guns, manages to strike a devastating blow on the Fatty!   Thinking quickly, he grabs the discarded Rocket Gun to supplement the light AT's firepower.

Meanwhile, Burt fires a barrage of bullets at another Fatty, driving it back into cover...

The cover being the very spot that Mick Wansboro chose to hide!  Still wearing the AT pilot suit he was captured in, he is safe from the decompression, and sets to work hacking into the retreating Fatty.

Ejecting the Balarant Pilot in short order, Mick takes control of the Fatty and attempts to escape!  But the Balarant Heavy AT "Chunky" calls his bluff, realizing it is not an ally inside the cockpit.  The Chunky's heavy cannon fire damages Mick's captured AT, foiling his escape attempt.

Refusing to back down, Mick combines fire with the Zwergs, who together manage to drive off the "Chunky" before it can do any more damage. 

Leaking air and fuel, Mick decides to turn himself in rather than face certain death in deep space.  Burt and Maxim witness the recapture.    Despite aiding the Gilgamesh forces in defense of the Gulag asteroid, Mick's ill-deserved reputation as a spy is only exasperated by the entire ordeal.

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