Since they involve lots of dirt and sand, I've included my new Trench scenery in the Gorka Morka section (although they work in any environment).  After looking at GW's trenches (first seen in 40K 3rd ed), I always wanted to make my own, but I needed mine to be more modular and easier to store.  I finally got around to making some trench scenery that looks good and is manageable.  To find out how I made them,  be sure to see the how-to section on making your own trenches!

After seeing pictures from World War I, I knew I had to include an artillery piece in my trenches, littered with spent casings.  The cannon is from a line of cheap, decent quality army action figures, mounted on a frame from a construction toy.  The shells are cartridges from a toy gun, cut in half.  I used a variety of brass, steel and copper paints (plus a thorough brown wash) to give them some character- each one is a slightly different color to represent varying ages.  One thing about trench warfare to remember- nobody's going out there to tidy up!  Debris tends to pile up as a result (until it sinks into the mud anyway).

Another gun emplacement- this time I mounted an Armorcast vehicle's mortar onto a Gorka Trukk chassis, added rails, and dropped it into a section of trench wide enough to accomodate it. To speed up construction of my trenches, I used a lot of the Armorcast trench pieces, then embellished with more rocks, dirt and detail for a more realistic look.   Most of the barbed wire on this piece came from an army toy.  Note the muddy pool in the foreground- after painting the piece, I poured a thin layer of gloss Varnish in there (it's probably still drying even now).

This is my command center.  I made a covered trench section by adding brick wall pieces and wooden supports, then topped it with a piece of Battlemasters movement base, and then added an offset bunker top (from Armorcast) embellished with railing piece made from a bracket I found.  Then I built up the dirt walls with lots of rock, filler, and sand so it really looks underground inside.  This piece shows off both types of barbed wire (The strand type is made of plastic grid, cut to a single strand and twisted).

Here's seveal of the trench pieces crammed close together.  My Valhallans can be seen crewing the guns and manning the trenches!  This pic shows off the variety of perforated metal pieces I used, and how nice the wood floorboards come out when drybrushed.

Here's the four pieces I've made so far in a fairly practical arrangement.  This makes a pretty extensive battlefield when supplemented with ruins, rock crags, barricades, etc. (the rocks are made of mattress foam, spraypainted black, then grey and brown for highlights.  Quick, easy, and durable!).

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