Finally, after years of collecting train parts for scenery, I now have a 41st millenium train!  I've had some second-hand O-scale trains lying around for ages  (Thanks Mat!).  It was  time they were pressed into service.  To capture a suitably gothic look, I started with some steam trains and added details (more info below) to give it that dark technological feel.  Probably powered by a plasma reactor, and driven by massive electro-motors, this monster must have incredible pulling power.  The Lionel-style 3 rail track was never very realistic for true train fans, but in the world of 40K it seems to fit right in...

Here's a side view of the War Ttrain, taking Valhallans and some artillery to the front.   (Click here for a shot of the engine before painting.)  The engine is quite long, actually two Lionel O-Gage engines spliced together.  The wheel covers and pipes are from the awesome Tehnolog Chemical Plant terrain kit.  Tank wheels and tracks also decorate the top.  The skull on the front is a plastic Halloween decoration cut down to fit, and plastic rivets added.  There's even some disposable razor heads on there (glued face-in so noone slices themselves).   The gun car is just a Lionel Gondola with an Imperial Eagle badge added to the side.  I did the cars with a blue-grey color to distinguish the train from the mostly green Industrial terrain.  The engine was primed black and drybrushed grey, steel, and brass with some red details.  The decals on the cab are from the Imperial Guard transfer sheet.  Click here for one more shot of the War Train in action-- All aboard!

Mechanicus maintenance crews use Work Trains to patrol and maintain miles of heavy gauge track.  This work train was made from all manner of spare parts, built up on wheels from a battery operated toy train set that happened to be close to O-scale in size.  Because the toy was mostly plastic, it was a lot cheaper than buying actual O-scale train cars.

Imperial trains aren't just for war.  Critical supplies are carried to the front lines by heavy freight trains.  The Promethium Tank Car is made from an O-scale tanker.  Plastic Halloween decoration skulls were cut down and mounted on the ends.  The space between the domes was flattened and railings added to provide a place for guarding troops to stand.  The Caboose has several modifications, including cutting the side panels back to provide easy access firing positions (the original windows and doors were way too small).  The platform is extended, with new end rails made from cities of death panels.  A PVC coupling was inserted in the top to provide an elevated cover position for maximum protection.

Adeptus Arbites search a  freight yard for saboteurs...

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