Although not a perfect reproduction of the Tantive IV, this terrain captures the general feel of a rebel ship.

Vader's troops storm aboard, catching Rebels (and droids!) off guard.

Stormtroopers scour the halls for stragglers.  The Stormtroopers pictured are actually the Han and Luke in disguise, the nicest looking stormtrooper Galactic Heroes available.  The Rebel Fleet Trooper figure is converted from a Han Solo, with helmet from a regular action figure, and Imperial blaster from Chewbacca (trimmed down and colored as a Rebel Blaster).

The droids make good their escape...

Droids at work... or are they just waiting for an oil bath?  The R5 is a converted R2D2 (we didn't need yet another X-Wing, sorry Porkins!).

"Get back to work, you lot!"  The machinery areas were made with pipe couplings, Lego and model parts, floor spacers, and battery packaging, and painted with Bronze spraypaint.  Details are printed from Niubniub's page again (Thanks!).

Fighting continues in the lower decks...

Until Admiral Ackbar takes charge of the situation.  To the briefing room, everyone!

"Alright men, we'll have no more traps thank you!".  The console for the briefing area has a color-cycling tea light inside for dramatic illumination...

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