I've made a spaceship exploration and battle game called Starcrashers, and to go with it, some ships and terrain.  Be sure to try out the game yourself, and try your hand at making your own space ships and planets- its fun on a whole new scale!


You may notice TWO scout ships.  This is to make up for having only two bombers...

A feature shot of my favorite ships.  The Carrier used to be the battleship, but it was retrofitted after the completion of the new battleship (left).

A rear view, showing the wide diversity of engine types employed by the Terran Federation.
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Triton ships have a distinctly nautical feel to them.  They rely on proven Caspian vented engine blocks for most of their ships.

An imposing angle on the Triton fleet...

Though not overly armed, Triton ships are notoriously sturdy and dependable craft.
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The Vostok are as agressive as their ships would suggest.  But they also have a strong sense of community, coming to the aid of those in need, even when not asked for!
The Battleship Laika and Carrier Gagarin lead the fleet into unexplored space...

Vostok ships combine huge, primitive rocket engines with aggressive angles and sturdy weapons- avoid being rammed by them!
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 Alphan cylinder ships are quite sturdy, and have proven effective in all aspects of deep space exploration.  You can find closeup shots below.

Carrier, Cruiser, fighters, bombers  Early shot of the Fleet    Battleship, Scout ship, Freighter

Alphan ships have plenty of thrust to offset their mass.  Supplemental propellant spheres are fitted onto many of their ships.
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These unusual and abandoned craft are of unknown origin.  No one knows what befell their crew or how long they have been adrift...
Back View

Unwary boarders may be devoured, corrupted, or driven insane by whatever is lurking aboard.  Approach with caution!
Back View
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Scrappers are expert salvagers, and devised Grapple ships to aid in cannibalizing shipwrecks.  Fighters and Scout Ships are also used to seek out new scrap.

  Scrappers often refurbish derelict ships to use as Cruisers, Freighters, or Q-Ships.  Wary space travellers avoid Scrapper fleets, lest they be "mistaken" for a derelict and torn up for parts!
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ScrappersOf course, once the scrappers showed how useful grapple ships could be, every fleet put their finest builders on making their own unique versions!

Here a Triton, Terran, Alphan, and Vostok Grapple ship can be seen closing in on a Derelict.  Another view
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There are rumours of untold numbers of Space Pirates gathering in the  Blood Nebula.  Traders be warned, and let no military fleet assume they are safe and secure.

The dreaded Pirate Blood Galleon, accompanied by 3 skull cruisers, lurks in an  asteroid belt, waiting to ambush  unsuspecting victims...

Space Prirates often seed an area with mines to increase the chance of crippling unsuspecting victims...

Pirate ships are often based on stolen Triton cruisers, with more ram-worthy bowskulls and reinforced hulls. Caspian quad engine blocks are stripped down to a dangerous degree...
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The Blood Galleon, one of the most heavily armed ships in the galaxy, and commanded by one of the most ruthless captains ever known.

Her full armament is unknown but includes at least 12 broadside cannons, ten forward firing torpedo guns, a ventral heavy laser, and of course an ironclaw ramming prow.
Another View


Starbase One, a common ground amongst all spacefarers....

All manner of planets and moons can be found in the depths of uncharted space.  What lurks in orbit around these uncharted worlds?  Only the brave, or foolish, can know....

Attention: deadly comets have been spotted in the area.  Protect Starbase One at all costs!

Here's a shot of the Credits, Dice, Damage Markers, and Sticks used in our local Star Crashers games.
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