If table space is starts to run out, your scenery can always become more detailed and more vertical. The Stamper actually has several places to stand, and a ladder (on the reverse side) allowing easy access. Scenery like this is most useful if the players have a reason to go there (like putting an objective at the top). An old mechanical push button car stereo tuner provided the heart of this model. Jewelry chain was used for the winch on the left.

A small pump station is another nice piece to have for an objective without taking up the whole table. Small scenery is perfect for filling in the inevitable blank spaces on the table, ensuring you have nice, dense urban terrain.

The concrete foundation is part of a plastic table, just tall enough to elevate small buildings and allow for recessed detail (such as the maintenance pits in the foreground). Score lines were carefully scraped with the back of an X-acto knife. A grey primer, tan drybrush and lots of grungy washes give it that worn, concrete look.

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