"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing quickly."

Although I'm opposed to killing and warfare in general, military hardware has always fascinated me. Fortunately my wife is quite tolerant of my hobbies- besides, she looks great in a uniform! My first serious prop was a big, clunky machine gun made out of a broken Weed Whacker, various furniture and plumbing parts, and some demilled 30 caliber belt feed. This crazy contraption won me a "Workmanship Award for Gun" award at Baycon in 1989. Of course, at the time I felt that the impressive Aliens Armor built by my friends of Starcraft deserved much more attention (but that's Baycon for ya).

While working on Aliens Vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar (a cursed product, but what can you do), I woke Mat Clayson up in the middle of the night to see if I could "borrow" some of his creations, and have gotten heavily involved in prop building ever since. I am now a member of Hi-Impact, the ultimate evolution of Starcraft. For more info, check out the Hi-Impact web site.

Due to long term exposure to a combination of highly toxic chemicals and vacuum former radiation, many prop builders develop strange mutant powers and usually die young. My special mutant power is the ability to Put Things Together Such That They Never Come Apart Again.  I am also called upon to do Best Estimate Color Matching, probably because I paint so much...

Surprisingly enough, my PRIMARY hobby is NOT prop building (though other Hi-Impact members deny this vehemently). My primary hobby is working on and playing table top wargames, particularly Warhammer 40,000. Even after creating my own alternative rules, painting hundreds of miniatures, and building high quality urban and gothic scenery, I can't seem to stop. I'm running out of room to put all my scenery. No wait, I'm running out of room to put all the rest of my stuff because my scenery is taking up the space it would be...

Notable hardware and costume constructions:
1996 - TIE pilot uniform and hardware - Mathew Clayson, Mike Shiffbauer, Sean Patten, Dan Patrascu, Robin Yang and Bob Mannion.
1997 - Stormtrooper armor - HI design team, Dan Patrascu and Loren Christianson.
1997- General Veers armor- Sean Patten, Mathew Clayson, and HI design team
1998- Starship Troopers Pilot armor- HI design team.
1998- Aliens (USCM) Smart Gunner- Sean Patten, Bob Mannion, Mat Clayson, and HI design team.
1999- ESWAT sniper- Sean Patten and HI design team
2000- Desert Trooper- Sean Patten and HI design team
2002- Gold Leader rebel pilot costume- Sean and Kathie Patten and HI design team

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