A game of treasure hunting and piracy on the high seas!  By Sean Patten.

You'll need lots of different cards to play Seacrashers.  Here's everything you need- just print 'em out, cut them up, and get ready to play!
To help tell your Vessels from other players,  print 1 set of  Flags  per player.
VESSEL  SHEETS- Print 1 set per player.
Print one set of CREW CARDS per player Print THIS on the back of your CREW cards.
  Print one set of TREASURE CARDS Print THIS on back of the TREASURE cards.
Print one set of SEA CARDS Print THIS on the back of the SEA cards.
Print TWO SETS of  LAND CARDS Print THIS on the back of the LAND cards.

-You'll need some 6-sided dice, some measuring sticks (Chopsticks work well for this), and plenty of gold coins (plastic ones will do).
-You'll need models or tokens to represent the various Vessels, Enemy Vessels, and Sea Creatures.  We'll be posting tips for making your own models soon, but until then, use whatever you have at hand.
-You'll need models or tokens to represent each of the islands, namely: FREEPORT, VOLCANO, FORTRESS, SAVAGE, SKULL, and SHIPWRECK (x3) island.


Place FREEPORT ISLAND in the center.  Place VOLCANO, FORTRESS, SAVAGE, and SKULL islands in the far 4 corners of the board.  Set aside the SHIPWRECK island models.
Place 4 random ISLAND CARDS face down on each of the 4 corner islands (not Freeport Island).

Alternate setup (optional):
--Try Freeport at one end of the board, all the islands at the other end or along the way!
--For 2-3 players, you can put out fewer islands.  This encourages more Sea exploration.

-Everyone starts with 7 gold to buy any vessels and crew (you don't have to spend it all, but it helps).  You may buy 2 crew for 1 gold. 
-The cost for vessels is listed on their stat sheet. You may NEVER have more than 3 vessels unless you have a Charter card.
-Assign crew to your vessels by placing them on the corresponding stat card.   All vessels Start at Freeport island.  Roll off to see which player goes first.
-The YOUNGEST player will be in charge of THE SEA for the first turn, running any enemies that appear.  At the start of the enemy turn, a new player may be selected to run The Sea (see below for details).

-The first player to 15 gold wins!   Remember, gold on board your ships doesn't count until it has been delivered to Freeport Island.
 -For shorter games, play to only 10 gold.  For longer games, play to 20!

Each player gets a turn to move vessels, explore islands, etc.  Each player takes their turn, and when finished, passes their turn to the next player clockwise around the table.  After all players have taken their turn, the SEA gets a turn of its own!  (see below for details on the SEA turn).

1.  TURN START.  At the start of the turn, you may transfer any crew between any vessels that are adjacent or docked at the same island.  You may also exchange one active crew for one disabled crew.  The doctor can recover 1 crew on the same vessel as himself for free, before or after transferring crew.
2.  EACH VESSEL GETS 2 ACTIONS.  If there are no active crew on a vessel, the only action a vessel can do is RECOVER.

3.  TURN END.  Any of your vessels at Freeport may automatically recover all disabled crew.  You may purchase additional vessels (max 3 unless noted) and crew (max 12 unless noted), but they can't do anything until your next turn.  Place them at Freeport.

- When moving your Vessels, they may move one stick per point of MOVE, or move one stick only if taking extra move. 
- ANY time a vessel ends a move on the open sea (IE, not adjacent to an island, another vessel, or a sea creature), it must draw a random Sea Card.  This is true even for moves that come from fair wind cards!
- If using a Sea Chart, draw a sea card, and either stick with that card OR discard it and draw another card.  You MUST deal with the second card if you do this!
- If you ever run out of Sea Cards, shuffle the discarded Sea Cards and place them face down.
- If any Sea Monsters or Ships appear, combat immediately happens with the vessel that revealed them!  The SEA player will run the ambusher as they see fit (see combat for details).
- If you discover a Shipwreck Island, it immediately strikes with 4 dice!  (Future landings there do not attack). Then place an island model, and put 3 island cards on it.  Treat it as a normal island for the rest of the game!

- A vessel must be docked at the island and must have active crew to explore.
- If you ever SKIP an island card for any reason, discard the skipped card and immediately draw another Island card.
- If a card is at it's origin island, apply any special rules or bonuses listed under ORIGIN. 
- Ambush cards will either charge your crew in melee (any card with a melee value), or strike your ship (Rocks, Nature's Fury, Iceberg).   When charged by a card in melee, you may choose to Charge or Evade (+1 die).   If the Ambusher wins, they disable 1 crew per overkill (or 1 if no overkill).  If you win when Charging, you defeat the ambusher (which sometimes has rewards, as indicated on the card).  Discard the card either way.
- WHEN DISCARDING ISLAND CARDS:   If a card is NOT at their origin, place the card on the bottom of the Origin Island's card pile!  Otherwise, place them in the island discard pile.  For Shipwreck island origin cards, if there is more than one Shipwreck island, you may place the origin card on whichever Shipwreck Island you like.  If there isn't one on the board yet, just discard it as normal.
- If you ever run out of Island cards on an island, draw one treasure card, then the island is cleaned out.  Note that islands can be replenished by cards returning to their Origin, or by treasure maps (which add cards to the top of an island's card pile).

- Any time your crews earn GOLD, place the gold directly onto the crew's Vessel.  Until the Vessel returns to freeport, the treasure is not safe- other players can attack and take treasure from that Vessel!
-The Exception is BOUNTIES- any gold earned from a bounty is immediately cashed in- it does not need to be carried back to Freeport.
- Special treasure such as Warding, Charter, Sea Chart, Treasure Maps, and Bounties must be assigned to the vessel that found it, but cannot be taken from your vessel. 
- You may transfer any kind of carried treasure between any of your vessels at any time, as long as they are adjacent.  This does not take an action.
- Any time a small vessel is being carried by a larger one, any treasure the small one is carrying is considered to be on the larger vessel.

- If you end a move next to freeport, you may immediately cash in carried gold (gold can't be stolen once cashed in). 
- At the end of your turn, any vessel docked at Freeport will automatically recover all disabled crew.  
- You may purchase new Vessels or Crew at any time with cashed in gold.  The vessel and crew will start at Freeport.  They may spend  actions as normal, as soon as they are purchased.

- Combat does not take an action (other than moving) to initiate.  There's only one way to get into combat: move next to an Enemy Vessel or Creature!
- Combat happens automatically any time rival vessels or creatures meet, including enemies that appear when a Sea Card is revealed. 
- Vessels docked at Islands CAN be engaged in combat by other Vessels or Creatures! 
- Tanks may "move" anywhere on an island to initiate combat with any vessels docked at the island.
- There are TWO PARTS to any combat: the VOLLEY and the MELEE (also known as Boarding).  Yes, you CAN melee with Sea Creatures!

Both combatants must secretly choose to either STRIKE or EVADE.  Then they reveal the results and roll dice as indicated below.

Both combatants must secretly choose ASSAULT or HOLD.  All melee modifiers apply.  Roll 1 die per active crew, plus any melee modifiers.

If you choose  HOLD,  roll +1 melee die,  but you won't do any damage even if you win.  You may HOLD even if all your crew is disabled.
If you choose ASSAULT, and you win, you have some options, listed below.

-After each player has taken their turn, Sea Creatures, Galleons, and Legendary Ships on the board get a turn of their own!
-At the start of EACH enemy turn, a player must be selected to run THE SEA.   This player will run THE SEA until the beginning of the next enemy turn!
-The player with the least amount of gold runs
THE SEA (ties go to the youngest player).  The Sea player gets to move the enemies as they see fit.
-Enemies may move 2 sticks in any direction.  They do not draw sea cards.  If a move puts them in contact with any other ship or sea creature, combat occurs.
-Once an enemy has moved into combat, they may not move again.  (They only get 1 action, which they use to move).  They may not take any other kind of actions!
-Once any Ships and Sea Creatures have moved (or chosen not to move), play returns to the first player.