Even Imperial forces can find themselves in barren, hostile environments.  That won't stop them from making themselves comfortable, though!  This mini-fortification started out as a sandbag pile from an army toy set (try K-Mart if you live near one, the set's cheap, and quite nice).  To cover up the hollow inside of the toy, I added plastic from some venetian blinds that had a nice "corrugated steel" pattern.  The floor plate is a Palette from the 40K Battlefield accessory sprue, as are the metal ammo crates.  The oil drums and wooden palletes are from a G-scale train accessory set.  I made the razor wire coils out of a stainless steel pot scrubber brush.  More detailing included adding a tarp, loose helmet, spent brass casings, and an unfortunate skeleton under the stairs.  I painted the piece by priming in lack and using lots of brown and olive green, followed by tan and steel drybrushing to make the sandbags and metal bits stand out.

Despite the difficulties of setting one up, an Uplink tower is critical to the survival of any outpost.  Plus, they make great Sniper towers!  Many of the parts on this piece are from a cheap Space toy set (identical to the military one mentioned above):  The main dish is made from a lunar lander body, with panels from a sattelite and a radar dish  added.  The outermost arms on the main dish are tabs from a curtain rod (the curtain hooks go through the holes).  The small square dishes at the bottom are keyboard keys turned upside down.  The main framework is made from two truck flatbeds (the trucks came from the same army and space sets, by the way!), and include a platform in the middle of the tower for another miniature to stand on.  The barbed wire around the top platform is from the military toy set.  The main dish can rotate around too- I mounted a ball shape inside of a ring shaped piece (from a Millenium Falcon model kit), then glued it to a base with a piece of foam (from a blister pack) to pad it and provide some friction to hold it in position.  A rod on the back of the dish plugs into a hole drilled in the ball.  Although the dishes are painted with mostly metallic colors, the whole tower has some dramatic streaks of grime (done with a brown wash) to make it look pretty beaten up.

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