Here's a collection of walls and barricades made for Mordheim.  The walls are actually "sandbag walls" from Armorcast, with spiky bits added in the low sections from the Chaos Rhino accessory sprue (love that sprue!).   The broken door came from a fantasy board game (I forget which).  The arrows stuck in it are from the skeleton and goblin regiment sprues.  Most of the  barrels and crates are from Armorcast. The Bone Wagon in the foreground was scratch built using balsa wood, wooden coffee stir sticks, and popsicle sticks.  The wheels are from Warhammer fantasy artillery (I ordered them  from GW  Mail Order).  The bones are from the skeleton regiment sprue, and the skull and chains on the back are off that chaos rhino sprue again.  All the pieces are based on press board with sand glued on.

These two wooden bridges were made almost entirely from wood.  I collected a variety of wood sizes from wherever I could get them- wooden dollhouse stock, popsicle sticks, coffee stir sticks, wicker baskets, twigs, etc.  To make the finished wood look more rough, I carved notches into them, roughing up the edges and corners.   I used the largest pieces for the supports that run the length of the bridge.   For the cross pieces I broke the wood pieces into about 1 1/2 inch lengths to leave enough room for models.  Then I just glued the cross pieces on haphazardly.  The railing on the closer bridge is made from raffia tied around vertical posts I attached to the main supports.  (You could also use dried reed, twine, etc).  The railings on the far bridge are flat strips of redwood glued to support beams.  Once the bridges were assembled, I added half-round bead "rivets" to most of the cross pieces and posts to make them look "nailed on".  Then I added scraps of leather, discarded weapons and shields from my bits box, and even stray zombie pieces to give the bridges some character.  The bridges painted up quick since they were already mostly wood- I used various brown washes to "stain" the wood, and painted the detail bits as I would any model.  Now we just need more buildings to run the bridges between...

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