This gritty figure is a mish mash of numerous parts. The upper body is from a Knight of the White Wolf. The lower body is from a Mutant Chronicles miniature (it's hard to find spare legs these days...). The back banner is a flat plate that I filed notches into, and glued to a pin I set in the back. I used a black and yellow color scheme for all my Inquisitors, with red and white details.
Here's a back view of the model. This guy is loaded down with equipment, and obviously spends a lot of time in the field. Pistols, bolters, grenades, scanners, canteen, shotgun, purity seal, big pouch, small pouches, all were added on in an ever increasing load. You can barely make out the wolf pelt under all that stuff...
   This is a fairly obvious conversion, but still an impressive model. I started with Mephiston and added a scope, frag grenades, and a purity seal (all from the new plastic tactical marines). Just painting a model in a different color scheme can really make a difference- the black and yellow colors I use for my Inquisitors worked out rather nicely.
Here's the same model from the side. You can see the more interesting bits of conversion work here. The force rod is from the old Ordo Malleus terminator model. Auxiliary grenade launchers on the shoulder give this guy some real firepower! A massive, 2 handed sword was added to the back (from an old High Elf model), which hides the backpack mount nicely. Yes, this guy is overequipped, but it seems fitting somehow...  
  This is a completely stock model- the old Terminator Inquisitor. Even without conversion, he's well equipped with a combiweapon, Power Glove, and digital weapons! I used this model for inspiration on the other two. Grey hair and beard give the model a wisened look (which I used on the models above as well).
 In our Imperial Agents campaign, we have models called Shadows (also known as Watchers in the Dark, or "Lil' Helper Guys") that lend the Inquisitor a hand when there's too much to do. This is an old Chaos Familiar model, but you can also use Azrael's helmet bearer or other small model as a Shadow.


Flying skulls are great for spotting hidden models. I added wires, rivets, and a scope to this skull-shaped bead on a stick.

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