Goff Orks

Thanks to the new Assault on Black Reach set, we finally have access to a plastic warboss model, making conversions like this Goff Warboss a snap.  The back banner is replaced with some chaos terminator spikes, and the head and right arm claw are taken from the new plastic nobs set.  The pet squig is an old metal model, with some jewelry chain added to keep him in line.
As a testament to the ever- increasing size of Ork models, this, believe it or not, is the original incarnation of Ghazghkull Thraka!  He's now a rank and file Ork in our current campaign (minus the squig).
This guy's torso has been extended by splicing in the belly plate from a Gorka Morka ork.  The axe has grooves cut into it.  The shoota is an old ork Bolter, with a shoulder strap made from thin plastic.  The back plate (inset) is a fantasy ork shield glyph, with horns added.
This Nob conversion is a mix of plastic parts- mostly the new plastic orks.  The spiked mace is from a plastic fantasy orc, as is the sword on his back.  The stikkbom on his back is from Gorka Morka.  The legs are from a plastic chaos marine to give the model more height.
I prefer the first gen Stormboyz jump packs (twin engine, lots of detail) to the second gen metal ones (looks like a bomb).  (The newest plastic ones are so nice, I save them for nobs).  I added spikes to these engines (from the fantasy orc regiment sprue).  Two orky pistols seemed like an appropriate armament for an assault ork, easy to do with the new plastic arms.
The only part of the model that isn't plastic is his gut, made from the jaw piece of a Mega-Armor ork- this was done to extend the model's torso. You can clearly see the spikes on the jump pack- these simple additions really make the model!
Here's a great example of simple conversion.  I started with a plastic model from the Mutant Chronicles board game, and simply carved out the original head and added a head from the 40K 2nd edition plastic orks.  The end of the original gun has been replaced with the end off an old plastic shoota.  Any model that is bulky enough can work as an ork, usually a head swap is all that is required.
 This Goff  Ork started out as a plastic Black Ork from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  I replaced his left arm with another one of those old plastic power claws (love those things) and painted lots of checks on his back, but otherwise this is a stock model.  Be sure to look out for other models to use as orks- you can get a good variety of poses if you do.
Yoof models- various weapon swaps and horn removal add a tiny bit of variety to these 40K 2nd. Ed. plastic orks.

These Yoofs are all classic plastic orks.

The Black Reach orks look great, and simple conversion work like turned heads gives them variety.

These classic Rokker metal models continue to Rokk On in our Gorka Morka games!

A black reach Nob and one from the new plastic box set.  Dead 'ard!

A Runtbot (epic Stompa), 2nd Ed. Grot, and a rather nice classic metal Grot.

This chopper is a converted  plastic warbike, with guns removed and longer forks added.

My friend Mat did several ork vehicle conversions, including this Dethrolla-equipped Trakk.  I upgraded the driver with new plastic ork parts.

I've had this toy car for years, and with some Road-Warrior-ization, is perfect for Gorka Morka.

This toy truck has also been around forever, and recently got updraded with bits from the new plastic Trukk kit amongst other model parts.

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