Evil Suns Orks

Ah, Mega Armor.  At first I was skeptical of these large, lumpy beasts (which led me to make some alterations of course), but now that they are painted, I'm quite happy with them!  Here you can  see a snotling rigger poised on the right arm, ready to add that extra little jab in melee.  You can also see the additional gear covers on the legs (taken from plastic bike hubs).  The blades on the back are simply claws from the arm.  In addition to the flames and red paint, I tried out the "chipped paint" technique described in WD #247.
This Evil Sunz boss has numerous upgrades, like tread feet, extra engines, blade attachments, and so forth.  Here you can clearly see the "tread" feet for extra speed (this is an Evil Sunz boss, after all).  I also added extra pipes to the back, one of which is taken from a Deadlands robot.  The left arm's claw has been replaced with an evicerator from a  Redemtionist model! 
The original head has been replaced with one from a burna boy, selected for his goggles.   The chest plate has been adorned with a grinning sun taken from a fantasy orc shield.    The "chipped paint" effect works well on the bottom of the jaw piece.
Here's a classic metal mekboy, before upgrading. I just love the details on this model, like the tool apron, the wristwatch, and the pencil behind the ear.  Reminds me of my 6th grade shop teacher...
The same model has been upgraded with a more modern left arm and slugga, and a gubbinz on his back made from bits from a Loota plastic model.
This Mekboy, armed with a burna, is from the new lootaz set (with a wrench from the old Battlewagon kit).

A Black Reach Nob, converted with a Kustom Shoota.  I liked his Axe, reminded me a bit of the sun's rays- if they were trying to kill you.

Various Yoof models- two classic metal orks, two classic plastic orks.  I liked the old yelling heads...

More Yoofs- two more classic plastic orks, and a plastic Gorka Morka ork with an old fantasy orc head.

A true Runtbot mini in all it's glory, and yet more of the endless 40K 2nd Ed. plastic Grots...

This bike is made from an ancient metal Trak with lots of hackery involved.

Another bike, made from the old plastic warbike with yet more hackery involved.

A converted Deffcopta.  Jet engines go fasta!  Guns and extra missiles have also been added.

This Dragsta is a converted toy car.

The Fighta-Bomma is an old toy I found and converted with some major engine and tail modifications, detail, and weapons upgrades!

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