A classic Blood Axe Boss model makes for a nice Nob.  I use a dark green for the uniform (to stand out from the ork's olive green skin), and found that red makes a great trim color for dark green.  The armor is painted black with steel details.  Just a clean, straightforward paint job, but the model is very strong loking.  I added a pet squig to the base.
WAAGH!  This converted Blood Axe Nob is a major conversion.  Starting with an old Stormboyz  torso, I replaced the stubby legs with more substantial plastic Chaos Warrior legs to give him more height.  The right arm and shoota are right off the new Ork sprue, and the left arm- er, claw, should look familiar to Yarrick fans- it's taken right off the original Yarrick model.    In the inset, you can see his axe (made from a plastic axe head and a pen spring).  Also visible is the back plate, made from an old Dwarf shield.
What Nob is without a trusty grot helper?  This poor fellow must carry a hefty supply of stikkbomz everywhere for the boss.  I started with a loaded down grot model, added to the Nobs' side, with even more metal stikkbomz added on top (taken from the Gorka Morka metal weapon accessories sprue).
This Blood Axe Ork started as one of the old metal models.  Just by adding the new plastic arms and some accessories, you can really bulk out those old models.  I added a crosshair to his shoota (seemed like something a Blood Axe would do), plus a military style pack on his back, stolen from a plastic Warzone model.
 The other side of the same model.  Note the stikkbom launcha attached to the pack, stolen from a mega- armored ork (see below).   You can also barely see the brass knuckes and other accessories that were on the back of the original metal model.
More Ork boyz below: new plastic on the left and right (with some custom hats and gear), and a converted Space Crusade Ork in the middle.

The same Black Reach Ork model, both converted with hats, one with a Jump Pack.

These Kommandos are converted plastic orks, with some hefty packs taken from Imperial Tank Accessory sprues.

The first of what is sure to be many Eavy Shoota Boyz...

Various Yoof models- two classic metal Ork minis, and one classic plastic one.

More Yoofs, mostly classic plastic Orks.

Metal Grot, one of the infamous 2nd Edition plastic Grots, and an epic Stompa model standing in as a Runtbot.

A basic Trakk for the Blood Axes.  Rider has been upgraded with new plastic torso, head, and gun arm.

I converted my Deffcopta into this Deffhoppa hoverjet!

A suitably military looking Jeep toy has been heavily converted into this Kommando-esque buggy.

A massive Haff-Trakk transport vehicle, made from a Chimera and several toy parts.

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