I wanted a suitably powerful looking vampire for my Undead, so I made this conversion. Starting with a Mephiston (of course), I cut the hands off an old Tzeentch chaos champion model since they had a nice ribbed look that went well with the chest.  One hand is pointing, the other holds a bloody grail (made from scratch!).  I ground the Blood angels symbols off the shoulder and belt buckle, painting the shoulder like leather and adding a skull to the belt.
The chained up book on his back is from the Chaplain Bike.  The bat wings are from a Warhammer Quest bat, added to the cloak in place of the original collar (which was cut and filed off).  The horned skull is from a  Librarian model.  The sword is from the Chaos Warriors boxed set, and the dangling snack is from the plastic Zombie boxed set.   I used dark red for most of the model.  The cloak is black with red highlights, as are the bat wings.
No undead army is complete without a necromancer. Although this is the Henrichh Kimmler model, it has been toned down by chopping down the hat to make a more western style floppy hat, and the top of the unwieldy staff has been replaced with a simple horned skull.  To emphasize the undeadness, I added an arrow through his hat (and shoulder) and a knife still stuck in his unfeeling back!
Mordheim is home to all manner of creatures, big and small.  We've added special rules for little guys like this "collector"- a Dark Familiar from the Confrontation line of miniatures.
The new plastic zombies are awesome.  Even when building large numbers of zombies, it's still too tempting to make each one unique, especially with the wide selection of modular pieces.  This poor fellow hasn't figured out how to attach his head, however...
Snack time!  This simple conversion makes even me feel uncomfortable.  Corman would be proud...  I paint my zombies olive green, then drybrush them with tan and do red washes.   It's a quick way to get that decayed look, and there's no mistaking them for regular troops either!
The Undead warband in Mordheim can be expanded quite easily by adding any number of troop types not in the original listings.  We have added powerful Wights to our game, much to the frustration of the living.  This model is the Daemon Prince Mortarion from the old Epic 40K game.  The wings are painted dark brown and drybrushed tan, the cloak painted black and drybrushed grey to catch all the fine detail of folds.  The bone areas are painted white and washed with light brown.  The scythe is painted black, drybrushed with steel, and washed with light brown for weathering.
I have used some of the new Chaos Hounds for my Dire Wolves as they are more menacing looking (in my humble opinion).  By painting them in more subdued colors (black and brown), they make a passable Dire Wolf, complete with big nasty claws and teeth!


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