Dissatisfied with most of the GW assassin models, I found a great base model to convert: a Confrontation Goblin, one of the poison blowers (aka Sulfurous Goblins).  I liked the hunched over pose, and after replacing the head with a skaven head and the arms with some claws off some old Warzone miniatures, I created this little gem!  (I also used a tail from another skaven model and tucked it under the back of the cloak- note the dagger!).  The flowing cloaks and hidden face make this guy quite nasty looking, and do justice to the concept of an assassin...
Fortune delivered this character plague monk model into my hands, but what I really needed was a Grey Seer (since our rules allow for them).  I removed the plague censer from his staff and replaced it with some bells from the Regiment Accessory sprue (love that thing).  I went with an olive green for his robes.  The book was decorated with a space wolf decal.  I then used a fine point permanent marker for the scribbles, and used a flat laquer to coat over them both and eliminate any shininess.
I got this adorable fellow in a pack of familiars (made by Reaper, I believe).  I call him "Ben".  He follows my the Skaven around, doing menial chores like picking up stray bits of wyrdstone...

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