It wasn't until we started Mordheim again that I finally decided I actually liked Chaos Dwarves.  By then, however, models were hard to find!  The cheapest I could find was a box of Blood Bowl minis, so I set about converting them.  These models were pretty easy- I just added a melee weapon to one hand and an undead shield to the other.  The weapons are from a Chaos Warrior, a plastic Orc, and an Undead spearmen.  I used a dark red, brass, and black color scheme with lots of dark brown wash to make the model good and dirty.  A medium red drybrush was used to highlight the shield skulls, sleeve trim, etc.
This Sorceror is a conversion, of course.  I used the upper body from the Bull Centaur (since it was suitably gaudy) and added it to the lower torso of a metal dwarf model.  The staff arm is taken from a chaos sorceror, and the hammer head on the end is from the new plastic dwarf regiment.  The end result is a slightly topheavy but very charismatic model.
I had to replace the upper torso on my Bull centaur, so I used the upper body of one of the other Blood Bowl chaos dwarfs (there's not much of a lower body, really!).  I replaced the left hand with an axe-wielding hand from the plastic Orc regiment, and added a shield from the chaos warriors regiment.  This guy looks like he means business!  The great thing about the blood bowl minis is that, while they are not armed (a problem that can be cured), they ARE heavily armored.  This gives them a unique look, and in Mordheim, unique is the norm!
Here's a side view of the Bull Centaur.  I used a chesnut brown drybrush over a black body.  The scale armor on all my Chaos Dwarves is painted brass, then drybrushed steel and finally washed with a dark brown. The brass trim on the shield is a bit bright, but at least the reds are nice and dark!  After painting dark red on and washing with brown, I went back and picked out some areas with a slightly lighter red, like the glove cuffs and axe handle.
My favorite Chaos Dwarves are the ones with a Blunderbuss. They were the whole reason I wanted to play Chaos Dwarves in Mordheim!  I broke down and mail-ordered my two favorites to supplement the converted Blood Bowl models.

I have two of these guys, but I found this guy's hat to be the  more amusing and distinctive of the two.

I never paid much attention to Hobgoblins before, but the Chaos Dwarves really needed some light troops and no one else fit the bill.  Although I like GW's Hobgoblin minis, I was too cheap / lazy to buy some, and set about making my own.  This is a Gorka Morka Ork body, with a club from the Mordheim human sprue, and a head from the new plastic Gobbos!
Another Gobbo head on a Gorka Morka body.  These bodies always were a bit small for real Orks, and the heads were rather large for gobbos, but the two match up nicely together!

Maintaining the same colors as the Chaos Dwarfs, the dark red and black provide a nice contrast to their green skin.  The Hobgoblins also tend to have more natural weapons, furs and skins, so browns are prevalent too.

Chaos Dwarfs are too busy pounding their foes to carry a silly little standard, so the duty has fallen on this Hobgob- a model from the Heartbreaker line.  The original model had a standard in the RIGHT hand and a sword in the left.  I didn't like either, and replaced the standard with a bone club from the Zombie plastics, and the sword with a spear handle (skeletons again), topped with that odd thing the Orc Shaman carries.  When painted correctly, it looks like a bearded, horned skull- a perfect icon for Chaos Dwarves...

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