The new Dark Elf models by Chris Fitzpatrick are really nice, but my favorites are the Corsairs.  Wow!  This model is a minor conversion, with a shield from an older Dark Elf character.  For my Dark Elves, I mostly use dark purple and teal againt black.  Brass and steel are used sparingly for metallic trim, and I mix up a very light tan for skin (I do like this contrast, one of the best features of the Dark Elves.
I wanted the Sea Dragon cloak to stand out, so I drybrushed it green with yellow highlights drybrushed on afterwards.  The green goes well with the dark  teal color I used on the front, fortunately.
Prior to the release of the new Assassins, I was unhappy with the selection, so this is actually a converted Confrontation mini equipped with a repeater crossbow from the new plastics.  I love the pose, but it took a while to get the colors right for this model.
I still like the old Naggaroth models, with their giant, skull laden axes.  If painted to match, the old Dark Elf models go quite well with the new ones, though slightly chunkier.  In this case though, chunky is good!  You can really see how the purple and teal colors work with the black and metallics on this model, and some shading in the teal is evident too.  I also paint my Dark Elves with white hair, for even more contrast.
Although the new Witch Elves are nice, I still had some of the old ones kicking around so I put them to use.  The only thing that bugged me about the old ones was their clumsy looking weapons, so I replaced the blade on the right with one from the new plastic dark elf halberds, and filed the one on the left with needle files, to be more curved and wicked looking.
A completely stock, old style crossbowman Dark Elf.  There's just something about the pose that makes my like these guys (and they are still cooler than the very first round of Dark Elves, who were extremely small).
I happened upon one of the old Dark Elf sorceror models and decided he was fine as is.  Once again using the Purple, Teal, and Black color scheme, I used bits of red for contrast.  The only real accomplishment of note on this model is the dripping blood on the mage staff, which was painted with a dark gloss red .  A similar effect could be achieved by putting gloss coat over a flat color, but I liked the shade of the dark red gloss paint.  When using gloss, note that Enamel paints really shine!
This is one of the new Corsair standard bearers.  Since Standard bearers in our Mordheim rules can't hide, I figured I'd give him a lantern  for good measure.  To give the impression of actual light coming from the lantern, I did a quick yellow-white drybrushing, strongest near the lantern and fading off  farther away- quick but  effective.  The standard itself is even less work- I used old Dark Elf decals on a plastic banner to get this model in play quickly...
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