Nurgle (and Titan) fans MUST CHECK OUT the amazing NURGLE TITAN by Mike Biasi, the man who did all the Titan sculpts for Armorcast.
Also, be sure to check out my Nurgle Greater Demon (converted action figure) too!

 I wanted a terminator champion for Nurgle, but didn't have any nice models to start with (or so I thought).  So with a lot of work, I created this conversion.  I started with one of the old metal chaos terminator marines.   The little nurgling on the shoulder is from an old Nurgle chaos marine.  The head is off an old Skaven Poisoned Wind Globadier, with a spike added.  The Left shoulder is actually off of the new Beast of Nurgle, spliced into the terminator's shoulder!  I replaced the original fingers of the power glove with the more bony looking ones off a plastic terminator from the old Space Hulk game.
 To make the Nurgle symbol on the right shoulder, I used a razor saw to cut skulls off the chaos rhino ram spikes, and carefully glued them onto the old chaos marine shoulder.  The arm and bolter are stock- the old style looks quite nice for Nurgle.  The trophy spike is from Abbadon. Two of the new Nurglings have been added to the base, one in front and one in back.  Tentacles were added to the back, two off the beast of Nurgle, one (the bug-looking one) from I don't know where (maybe Dark Eldar?  The mind boggles).
A nice view of the right side. As to painting, I primed in grey, base coated in tan, drybrushed the tan with white.  Then I gave the whole thing a brown wash.  Then I painted the nurglings and tentacles light green and washed them with dark olive green.  I added green and red  washes to the nicks and holes, to give the impression of weeping sores.  Holes and bumps were dabbed with just a bit of flesh on the high parts to enhance the open sore look.   The red and green and brown washes really stand out nicely against the lightened tan color, giving the whole model an oozing, slimy look!
This Nurgle Lord is my most extensive conversion yet, made of over 25 seperate little pieces (and lots of superglue and baking soda). Most notable is the head (and actually the torso too) which are made of an old Skaven Poison Wind Globardier.  The lower torso was extended with a plastic skeleton rib cage.  A fantasy chaos warrior supplied the sword arm.  The legs are from an Iron Armor (mk. III) marine, with several cuts and gouges in it to provide some oozing sores.  The skulls on chains are from a metal goblin chariot.
In the back view, you can see the back pack is one of the old style plastic ones- I prefer these for Nurgle as they look more biological than the modern chaos backpacks.  I removed the nozzles and substituted plastic horse skulls instead.  The tattered robes are from an action figure, though they could be modeled with green stuff easily enough. 
This is one of the nice Metal plague marines, with only a couple minor changes.  The Backpack is one of the old chaos marine packs, which I feel fit Nurgle perfectly, being more biological looking.  The Knife is from the new plastic orks, pinned in place with a sewing pin thanks to my new Pin Vise!  The same colors were used as on the Terminator champion, plus the metal parts were painted black, drybrushed steel, and then given a rusty brown wash.  Yummy...
This is an old Mk. III crusader miniature that was beaten up pretty badly and equipped with a chaos missile launcher.  I added a tentacle to the back of the launcher and a plague knife to the left hand.  Other classic Nurgle mods include the cloven feet, made by carving out a notch in the foot with an exacto knife, and the spike added to the head, from the new chaos accessories sprue..  Several nicks, gashes, holes and cracks were added with an exacto knife as well (the original model was an old lead one, much easier to cut than pewter).
I made custom bases for my nurgling swarms, by sawing a piece of tan bark in half!  I then coated the bark with white glue for strength, and put on a handful of nurglings, mixing the old and new styles for a truly random and chaotic looking swarm.  The base incorporates some of the colors on the models, making the whole model look unified.

This unpleasant sight is a combination of the new Beast of Nurgle and the new Chaos Spawn, plus some other unpleasantness from various toys and miniatures.  I painted it in Nurgle style in case I wanted to use it as a beast of nurgle.  The red wash streaks really look like weeping sores...

The same beast, seen from the back (?).  My favorite part of the conversion  (aside from the nicely flailing appearance of the tentacles) are the face (from a plastic ork, with the eyes filed off) and the proboscis (from a Mutie Raider mount) protruding from the back.  Truly an unpleasant sight, but a great dumping ground for all those odd limbs, heads, and tails that accumulate in the bits box.   Deeee-licious!

To form ranks of Nurgle Cultists, I converted some old and new Scavvy ganger models.  The second and fourth model use upper torsos from Mutie Raiders.

These converted Scavvies feature weapons from old plastic Orks, Necromunda gangers, and  fantasy miniatures.

Some of these scavvy models were only available from UK mail order back in the day.  Note the respirator pack on the last model...

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