My newly painted icon bearer for Slaanesh.  How do you capture the outlandish, criminal excess of Slaanesh without making them look foolish? I opted to use a lot of black and dark purple in their colors, highlighted with disturbingly fleshy looking parts wherever they were most suggestive.    The trick is to make them garish without losing the great detail of these models.  Sticking with a limited palette (even if that palette is garish) helps unify the forces and makes the detail on the models show up better, instead of getting lost in a sea of colors.  After a base of black, purple and pink, I tend to use yellows, reds and golds for trim.   When you paint the leather and metal bits, they really look tough compared to the body colors!
The new chaos icon bearer was perfect for Slaanesh, with a topknot head and lots of furs.  I embellished the model by using a Noise Marine backpack, and added a Pelisse (little coat) on one shoulder, taken from a Prussian cavalry miniature.  The holstered shotgun below the backpack is from the new Doomrider biker model- that kit is loaded with great bits for detailing your Slaanesh models, by the way.
This leader conversion uses a noise marine body and several bits from other models, including a head from Abaddon and a horn from a fantasy chaos warrior.  The shoulderpad was mail ordered from the substantial line of chaos pads.  Notice the skull kneepad, painted red and drybrushed yellow for ultra-contrast.  Normally I paint skulls white with a brown wash and that's it, but the variety on this model helps lend a more garish and menacing look.
This is one of the new noise marines, with a different  upper body (a metal biker torso?) swapped in. I selected the upper body for it's topknot, a running theme for my Slaaneshi marines.   The backpack is from the new chaos biker.  The model is painted mostly with black and pink, though I did the cuffs with a black and white fur pattern for contrast.  Gold trim is applied to black regions or edges shaded with black for more contrast.
 This is one of the old Noise marine models, painted using the same outlandish scheme as my other Slaaneshi.  I love the old noise marines dearly (thanks to Jes Goodwin of course) and have two of them in my army, but for variety I use the new ones as well (though they usually get converted, as seen in the one above).
 For most of my Slaaneshi models, I prefer to use the old-style Chaos Marine backpacks since they are more curved and biological looking. Unfortunately, the old backpacks are no longer available, so I've resorted to stealing packs from other models, such as this fine pack from the Ahriman Sorceror miniature. It paints up well in Slaanesh colors (yeep)...
For cultists, I convert dark elf Wyches as they have a pretty tempting look to them.  (This one is not the most current style, but often you can get older models on sale in the stores when newer versions are about to come out).  I armed her with a shotgun from the metal Necromunda weapon accessory packs, and a flail from the new plastic Marauders reiment. 
Until recently, I've never been a big fan of the Daemonette models, preferring to make my own "Succubus" style daemons for Slaanesh. This model is actually a Fianna from Rackham's Confrontation line, with some wings added from some other model  I found kicking around in my bits box.  I've seen these models painted astonishingly well by professional mini painters like Jen Haley- there's no way I'd take the time to paint that well, but the models still look good with even a moderate paint job on them.
One of the nicest things about the Confrontation minis is that they are always so dynamically and interestingly posed.  Variety in the pose really helps make your forces feel like individuals, rather than an army of clones stamped out and fed into the battlefield.  Variety and uniqueness are good traits to have in a Chaos army...
Okay, this is probably one of the most outlandish conversions I ever did- so of course it's for Slaanesh!  This terminator champion started as a stock chaos terminator model.  I selected the head for it's beard-knot thing, knowing it would paint well for Slaanesh.  The right arm is spliced together with chaos warrior arm parts, and a flail  top from a metal fantasy marauder model.  The lion pelt is from a High Elf  character, and the slaver girl is from the Dark Eldar Character (Vect)'s Raider.  Thank you, mail order!
The right arm is a heavily converted noise marine arm, spliced onto a sonic blaster turned around the other way (an extended glove covers up the join).  The back of the sonic blaster was detailed with bits from the noise marine backbpack and a horse tail.  The scorpion tail is from the old metal scorpion monster, still available from mail order.  The end result is a very dynamic and menacing character.  The contrast between the violent, hard champion and the soft, defenseless slave is quite strong, and reminds me of a Boris Vallejo painting. I used the same colors as my other models, and painted a speckle pattern on the larger surface areas of the body to add even more detail.
 Here's a conversion by my friend Cory (he's insane, you know). This noise marine terminator incorporates a tail from a Cold One, and the speaker booms from a Noise Marine Backpack. The head is from Abbadon. I'm particularly happy with the way the colors came out on this model. I painted it lavender, then did a black wash around the edges. Then I went back with a smaller brush and did pink speckles. The result is quite effective, in a disturbing way.  The varied size of the speckles works even better than the ones on the champion above.  Hmmm.....
Here's another view of Cory's  noise marine terminator. Most of the trim is painted in gold. The gold and the white bits are washed with brown, and the tubes, etc. have been painted black, then drybrushed with white to really make them stand out. I actually painted this model and another similar one in less than 4 hours (so they'd be ready for the game the next morning). What was I thinking?  And no, please don't ask me to paint miniatures for you- I barely have time for my own, and did this model in a fit of insanity.  I'm better now.  Really....

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