There are only a handful of elf models I really like, and this is one of them (the bandanna is classic).   I used a dark green color scheme to help these elves blend into the dark setting of Mordheim.
Although this warband is based primarily on the Wood Elves, there are a few High Elf models I felt would fit.  Axes and furs work, so I carried the dark green scheme over to this model along with steel and brass for the armor.
By far the nicest wardancer model is this one from theWarhammer Quest game.  His blades were primed black, and drybrushed with diagonal strokes of steel to get the streaking effect.
I'm usually too lazy to hand paint cloth banners- plus they never survive the wear and tear models see in Mordheim.  Instead I created this icon out of the front of an elf chariot, and stuck it on this ex-mage's staff.
This heavily armored mage is made from a Phoenix Guard model.  The head is from a wood elf sorceress. The mage's staff is made from a banner pole top and part of the original mage's staff (from the model above), attached in place of the axe blade.  
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