Wayne England's illustrations of Warp Beasts inspired me to capture the horrific feel in miniatures.  This brute is from another miniatures line (Cthulu, I believe).  I base coat with a dark pink (plus yellow eyeballs and white teeth), then drybrush with flesh, and wash with red,  blue, and brown for depth.
This foul, steaming mass was a must have for my collection.  Streaks of red wash make the orifices look like they are oozing.
Here's a front and back shot of one of my favorite beasties.  I used more of a tan and yellow drybrush on this guy, plus more blue washes for depth.
This was the first beast I did.  I found the poor thing in a sale bin, and immediately saw potential.  I used a white drybrush to make it look more bony.  Consider using beasties as chaos spawn too!
This tentacle started out as just a small piece of a toy (yes, action figures have gotten quite gruesome recently).  I added some melted sprue to a base, drilled a hole, and glued the bendy tentacle in place.  A little bit of paint, and presto, instant creepy crawly!

Okay.  if you survived that, you may be ready to witness... THE BABY.  This horrifying monstrosity has been known to cause insanity.  Just admitting you have seen it is tantamount to heresy.  Brace yourself, then check out the following links (I hesitate to put them right on the page).  Use your browser's BACK key to get back here after witnessing the horror.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Emperor forbid you should want to make one of these yourself, but for the curious, this thing started out as one of those porcelin garden cherubs that someone threw in the trash, and I rescued, not knowing why.  Then my friend Robert dropped off a strange, half finished project- several tiny plastic baby toys, half imbedded in a pink fleshy pool (we were in the middle of a chaos campaign at the time, and needed Slaanesh-themed scenery).  I attached the little babies to the big cherub with hot glue, the only thing that will stick to that nasty rubbery toy plastic, and, well, things got out of hand.  Soon I was attaching odd models from my bits box (see how many humanesque figures you can spot!), wire bundles, and tentacles from various toys, as well as adding liberal blobs of hot glue.  I spray painted the whole mass with several layers of red, pink and white glossy spray paint, then added a gloss varnish to make it even more slimy looking.  Then, Robert took the thing and detailed it by painting eyeballs and veins all over it.  So it's not entirely my fault, you see...

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