Arbitrator Razorback Conversion
Traditionally Adeptus Arbites are black, but I decided to use an alternative color scheme for my Adeptus Arbites so they would stand out from all the other black models (Sororitas, for example). Since blue is a classic color for Police, I decided to use a blue, white, and yellow color scheme. Gold details such as the chain, eagles, and medals stand out well against blue and white.
On the troops, I used yellow for their kneepads and other details instead of white. I used a black wash to make the details really stand out, such as the creases on the helmet. I used a leather colored brown for holsters, pouches, and to give the shotguns a more classic "wood stock" look.
 I always loved the idea of Arbites with Power Maul and Suppresion shield- reminds me of police with riot control gear. The Shotgun Arbites model is the best for this conversion, as the shotgun covers up the least amount of detail on the body. It is still very hard to remove- fortunately the shield covers up most of that. The Power Maul is made of a studded spear shaft and a plastic banner pole top.  I stole the shield from some other model, filed off some conspicuous detail, painted it up in suitable Arbites police colors, and added a substantial Imperial decal.
To give the suppression squad some leadership, I created this Sergeant model by mixing old and new Arbites model parts.  Essentially this is the original (very old) Arbites sergeant.  I replaced his head and right shoulder pad with parts from the newer models.  I also added a substantial shield in place of the original bolt pistol in the right hand- a plastic Chaos shield with the details shaved off and replaced with a winged skull jewelry charm.  The Power Maul is part of the original model.
The original model is nicely detailed, replete with padding on the left shoulder, legs and codpiece.  Other original details include the bolt pistol holster, some impressive looking boots, and the chains and badge on the chest.  Although not as obviously armored as the newer models, I thought a bit more freedom of movement was justified for someone leading a Suppression squad.  I did at least give him a studded buckler shield on the left arm, taken from a plastic Warzone mini.
Maybe I've seen too many movies, but  another piece of equipment that seems to make sense for the Arbites is the sniper rifle. Starting with one of the new marine scout sniper models, I simply replaced the head with one from a Grenade Launcher Arbites (love that scope eye), and added a knee pad shaved off the same Arbites model.
  It's amazing how natural the sniper conversion looks. To complete the model, I painted the cloak with an urban camo pattern, since Arbites typically work in densely populated areas. (By the way, although it sounds like I've chopped up dozens of models to make these conversions, don't worry. I stretched the models as far as they could go, even shaving off details and removing the smallest parts to get the most out of each sacrificial miniature).
I got tired of waiting for GW to make a Judge miniature, so I created my own. Since the Judges are supposed to be powerful individuals, I wanted this guy to look mean. I used Ahriman's body, with some minor alterations (like filing the chaos symbol off the shoulder!). I carefully removed Fabius Bile's head (it wasn't easy) and crammed it on. I then added Bile's hands, already equipped with ideal Judge weapons. 
To help fill out the forces of the Arbites, I like to use Mordian Iron Guard models. They have that "official" look to them, and I have used a very similar color scheme for both. The stripes down the legs are red for the troops. The officers have blue trousers with a white stripe. I've also done a sniper conversion for one of the Mordians, using a spare Exitus rifle I mail ordered years ago spliced onto a lasgun body. 

Getting an Arbites Champion to sit on a bike is not easy. I started with a marine chaplain's bike. The left arm is a marine biker arm. The right arm is a Chaplain's Crozius arm, plus a shoulder from an Arbites. The legs are stock Arbites, cut at an angle to get the sitting pose. The head and shotgun were carefully removed from an arbites Champion. The torso was the hardest part- I modified an old Imperial Guard plastic model, and added details I shaved off of an Arbites torso.
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